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The Rooftop Guide is an independent company, listing what we believe to be the best rooftop bars and terraces in all the major cities and places in the world. We try our very best to keep all our information up to date and as accurate as possible. However, we can not gurantee or control all circumstances, for instance that info about opening hours and similar are accurate on one specific day. Rooftops are, by their nature, often quite sensitive to weather changes and are also popular venues for private events. To be sure, please contact the bar or venue directly.

For a venue to qualify as a rooftop bar we have a couple of criterias: There must be an outdoor (open-air) terrace, is must be above the first floor and there must be a service bar. Many of the rooftops listed are on top of hotels, and while most of them are open to everyone, a few are exclusive to guests staying at the hotel. If that is the case, we will clearly state that info.


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