Weekly travel tip w49 2016 - SYDNEY!

Luxurious hotels with amazing views in one of the world's best cities - Sydney:

When talking about the world's best cities to live in, Sydney is almost always ranked among the best ones. Here you have everything you could wish for. Ocean, beaches, skyscrapers, nightclubs, bars, restaurants, city parks, Sydney rooftop yoga and regular rooftop bars.

Despite the large number of skyscrapers, there are not that many Sydney roof bars located at high altitudes. In many cases, you will find the roof terraces at any restaurant or similar. But there are obviously a few really good ones located at high altitude at one of the city's luxury hotels. Here, we have three options to choose where the rooftop bars differs a lot between the hotels.

• Book here: The Old Clare Hotel:

A centrally located luxury hotel with a stunning rooftop bar and rooftop pool. Rooms and interiors are nicely furnished in traditional style and the hotel is also equipped with a gym, swimming pool and good restaurant.

Hotel with rooftop bar in Sydney
The Old Clare Hotel

• Book here: Intercontinental:

Another luxurious hotel in Sydney. Here you get the best view in the entire city. Sweeping views of the Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge, etc. The ideal hotel to stay at, for those who like luxury and quality in everything there is to offer.

Hotel with rooftop bar in Sydney

• Book here: Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel:

A four-star hotel on the outskirts of Sydney. Here you get a magical view of the skyline of Sydney, with the ocean and the beach as a nice foreground. The interior is luxurious and classic, yet cozy. For those who like to party, there’s a good beach club adjacent to the hotel.

Hotel with rooftop bar in Sydney
Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel

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