Weekly travel tip w46 - BALI!

Hang out on rooftop bars in Bali with magical sea views, chilled atmosphere and far away from the big city pulse.

Rooftop bars in Bali is a little different from many other places in the world. Here they’re not allowed to build any buildings that are higher than the palm trees - about 15 meters. Hence, many of the roof terraces in Bali are located at higher ground or at the beach. The view also differs quite much from many other rooftops worldwide. Often you have views among the buildings in the city center or a bit away overlooking a skyline. In Bali, it’s usually the view of the sea or over the lush landscape that’s the most common.

We decided to make a list of some wonderful hotels in Bali with great rooftops and some with large and luxurious rooftop swimming pools - both luxury and a bit more budget:

Under $100/night for a double room:

• Book here: L Hotel Seminyak – Seminyak – around $76/night
• Book here: Umalas Hotel and Residence – Kerobokan – around $44/night
• Book here: MaxOneHotels at Bukit Jimbaran – Ungasan - around $33/night
• Book here: U Paasha Seminyak Bali – Seminyak – around $100/night

Rooftop bar in Bali
Luna Rooftop Bar
Rooftop bar in Bali
Kopi Langit
Rooftop bar in Bali
Jim'bar'N Rooftop
Rooftop bar in Bali
U-Paasha Rooftop Bar

5-star hotels for over $100/night for a double room:

• Book here: Le Meridien Bali Jimbaran – Jimbaran around $150/night
• Book here: RIMBA Jimbaran Bali By AYANA – Jimbaran – around $220/night
• Book here: Double-Six Luxury Hotel – Seminyak – around $285/night

Rooftop bar in Bali
Smoqee Lounge & Sky Bar
Rooftop bar in Bali
UNIQUE Rooftop Bar
Rooftop bar in Bali
Double-Six Rooftop

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Bali is more than just sun, bath and surfing. What better than to relax on a rooftop bar with a cold beer in hand, after a long day of surfing and bathing. Harmony at the highest level. To be able to look out to over the ocean at sunset in a warm and festive atmosphere is something many dream of. In Bali, this dream becomes reality.

Here you will find the best rooftop bars in Bali.

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