Writing about Stunning Rooftop Bars You Need to Drink Cocktail In

Published: February 22, 2019
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Whenever you arrive in a new city, for some reason, you become obsessed with wanting to see it from one of its highest points. Being able to visualize and appreciate the city from the top before you really get to explore it often feels quintessential for people to understand it. There is obviously a tourist way to achieve that. And then there is another route – chasing rooftops.

Experts from https://homeworkneeded.com/ are here to save your time and show you the best roof top bars where you can get that lunchtime meal or evening drink all with a view to die for.

Enjoy Terrific Rooftop Bars in London

It is one of the most iconic cities in Europe, no doubt. London is full of unique landmarks and medieval traditions, stylish billionaires and classic architecture. We do not know how to charm a billionaire, but we know where you can find one.


The rooftop bar occupies the top two floors of Heron Tower, the tallest buildings in the city. The entrance is reached through a clay door one side and a glass elevator which whisks you up to the 38th floor restaurant. The original Sushi Samba opened back in 1999 in New York, since then, it has opened its doors in Miami, Chicago, Vegas, and London.

The name relates to the fusion of food blending influences from Japan, Brazil, and Peru. The venue boasts two bars plus an outdoor roof terrace for great evenings and sunset cocktails with friends. So, why SushiSamba? Superb service, excellent food, and the city rooftop view that exceeds all your expectations.


This rooftop bar is going to make your night in London even more exciting. It is located on the top floor of the Doubletree Hilton, right by Tower Hill. SkyLounge spies over the whole of London – the North Terrace of the rooftop bar offers spectacular views of the Shard and the Gherkin while the South Terrace has majestic views across the Tower Bridge and the river Thames.

What is so special about it? The dazzling setup of the venue and bright terrace in a New England style make all visitors feel like celebrities, so you won’t be able to wipe the smiles off your face.

SkyLounge is one of the lesser-known yet best rooftops in London.

Madison / One New Change

Now, the bar on the top of a shopping center may not sound the most alluring, but this one has got a fantastic view from the rooftop. You will find Madison bar and restaurant on the sixth floor. There are seven rooftop terraces with the stunning venue which bring supreme scenery of the iconic St. Paul's Cathedral. It is one of Europe's largest open-air rooftop bars.

Our recommendation is to get here early because this bar does not take rookies – when the sun is out, the queue is really long.

So, if you want to see breathtaking views of the London skyline, feel a buzzing vibe of a city and have a couple of killer cocktails, arrive at the One New Change and step out on one of the award-winning city rooftops.

Honorable Mention: Radio Rooftop Bar

Striking 360-degree view over London and the title of “city’s prime rooftop drinking destinations” have played their part. This elegant and stylish place deserves to be on our list.

Enjoy Stunning Rooftop View in Barcelona

It is one of the most defiant, daring, and heady cities on the planet. Does Barcelona leave a bittersweet aftertaste? You will understand it standing on the rooftops and enjoying your cocktail.

La Isabela / Hotel 1898

Our first rooftop in Barcelona is in the old town, right on the famous La Rambla. The uniqueness of this place is in its historical heritage so, as soon as you get in you feel like you have traveled in time. It is like an oasis in the middle of the chaotic Ramblas. You will savor live music, DJs, tapas, fabulous cocktails, a kitchen which is not typical for the best rooftop bar in Barcelona, and unforgettable scenery.

A little bonus – a bar with a rooftop view opens the whole year long, so you can enjoy urban landscapes whenever you decide to travel to Spain.

1881 Per Sagardi / Museum of History of Catalunya

It is a hidden gem of Barcelona. This place is not actually a rooftop of a hotel but the Museum of History of Catalunya. The exceptional thing about it is the old port view and the Mediterranean Sea. You can also see the Montjuic Mountain in the background and part of the iconic skyline of Barcelona. A visit to the Museum D'historia de Catalunya with family, children or just a soulmate is really worth the trip.

Eclipse Bar / W Hotel

Celebrate your travel 26-floors above Barcelona. This rooftop bar was the setting for the most fashionable cover shoots with its spectacular floor to ceiling windows overlooking the entire coastline. Do you imagine the gorgeous photos you will take? Moreover, groovy beats, creative fusion cuisine, and elaborated cocktails will set the tone for your vibrant night.

Top Notch Rooftop Bars in Hong Kong

This is a unique parallel universe which is well aware of all plagiarism policies. It seems like life came to this city from a different planet. Hong Kong is one of the best places in the world to combine a drink with a killer view. We did the hard work for you and visited the city's best rooftop bars. Check this out.

Sevva Rooftop Bar

We can safely say that this is the number one place to visit while you are traveling to Hong Kong. Why so? It just has a full package: striking views of the Hong Kong’s harbor, a stunning venue in Central district, classy lounge areas and tastiest cocktails.

The shtick of that rooftop bar is in its cool design that changes with the seasons. Sevva is arguably one of the best places in Hong Kong to watch the sunset. Order a cocktail and enjoy the massive rooftop as the building lights around you turn on.


If you like it high, Ozone is a perfect bar to be. Why so? First of all, it is located on the 118th floor of the Ritz-Carlton and offers one of the most impressive city views in the world. And secondly, the rooftop bar is that high up that on some days, it even gets covered in clouds.

Seafood Room

Seafood Room is our pick for a busy lunch with a perfect view on the lagoon from the windows of the restaurant: clean blue water, a light haze above it and the green mountains. Do you need anything else for an iconic day? That amazing bar has a vast seafood menu and two rooftop levels nestled in between the skyscrapers.

Honorable Mention: Istanbul

There is no better place for a rooftop lover than Istanbul. This city is crawling with rooftop bars and restaurant. Moreover, almost every building has access to the spacious exterior terrace with Bosporus view. It is the place where you can feel the thrill of finding your own rooftop and understand the saying “sky is the limit".