Hotels with a rooftop pool

Published: October 6, 2016

The world's best rooftop swimming pools located at a hotel:

Being able to swim or just relax in a rooftop pool in the middle of the city with a breathtaking view sounds like a dream. Just the mix of getting both swimming and sunbathing while being in a big city is possible in almost all major cities around the world. But despite this, few are exploiting this luxury.

Here you'll find five of the coolest rooftop swimming pools located at hotels in the biggest cities in the world. Most are so-called infinity pools.

Rooftop pool on the roof terrace at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore:

One of the world's best and coolest rooftop swimming pools. Situated at an altitude of 200 meters, you get a fantastic 360-degree view of Singapore, the sea and both Malaysia and Indonesia. The infinity pool is very large and have three areas. One for children, a little quieter section and a regular one.

If you like rooftop swimming pools, this is a must to visit. Only available to hotel guests. Many people search for "singapore hotel pool rooftop" and find this place, which is a good measurement of its popularity.

Rooftop pool at hotels
Marina Bay Sands in Singapore

The rooftop pool at The Face Suits rooftop in Kuala Lumpur:

Also one of Asia's and the world's coolest infinity pools. The rooftop pool is situated high up with a stunning view over Kuala Lumpur and the Petronas Towers. The roof terrace is very stylish and equipped with comfortable sun loungers.

In addition to an impressive rooftop pool, there are also a Jacuzzi that you can enjoy in while gazing out over the magnificent views. The rooftop pool is only available for hotel guests.

Rooftop pool at hotelsl
The Face Suits in Kuala Lumpur

Rooftop pool at the James Hotel's rooftop terrace in New York:

New York's best rooftop pool. Daytime it’s only the hotel guests that are allowed to use the rooftop terrace and rooftop pool. Up here you get an absolutely magical views across NYC. To the south you find Wallstreet and downtown, to the west Hudson River and the other way out onto Times Square and the Empire State Building.

This rooftop in New York City is equipped with comfortable sun loungers and a nice indoor bar. In the evenings, the terraces open up to the public. If you like peace and harmony during the day and then party in the evening, this is a perfect rooftop in New York.

Rooftop pool at hotels
James Hotel in New York

Rooftop pool at the Grand Hotel Central's rooftop terrace in Barcelona:

The rooftop pool is often ranked as one of the best infinity pools in Europe. With a view to kill for and a rooftop of the highest class, makes this a dream place for many. In addition to the comfortable atmosphere and good prices on drinks, it really is the rooftop pool which is the focus of this rooftop.

If you want a luxurious experience and a memory for life, then you should book your hotel room here. The rooftop pool is only available for hotel guests.

Rooftop pool at hotels
Grand Hotel Central in Barcelona

Rooftop pool at Sofitel So Bangkok's roof terrace in Bangkok:

A large and spacious infinity pool in Bangkok. This rooftop pool is perfect for those who likes to party. The roof terrace boasts live djs, to pep up the party atmosphere. On the terrace, there are comfortable chairs and lounge furniture adjacent to the rooftop pool.

The view is also super nice. Lovely panoramic views of Bangkok's skyline and the park in front of the hotel. Make sure to book your hotel room in Bangkok here and take part of one of Thailand's best rooftop swimming pools.

Rooftop pool at hotels
Sofitel So Bangkok