Why rooftop bars instead of regular bars?

Published: August 10, 2016

Here is the reason why rooftop bars / roof terraces are way better then regular bars:

The answer is simple; The view, the fresh air, the sun, the atmosphere, the buzz and tranquility you get when you come up a bit is absolutely unbeatable. The benefits of a rooftop bar vs. a regular bar are many. Should you find any downside to a rooftop bar vs. a regular bar, so be it that the price may be a little higher on a rooftop.

Rooftop bar is better than ordinary bar
Views and freedom!

A regular or normal bar - you hear how boring it sounds. Regular, average... Sure, it can be nice to visit a regular bar and sit and chit chat a little. But the same activity at a rooftop bar is better every day of the week. The best rooftop bars are the ones you can visit in peace and quiet and just look out over the views you have before you. Total harmony.

Not to speak of the magic images that can be taken from roof terraces. Now that social media Instagram and Snapchat has taken over it has exploded with pictures from roof terraces. There are not many images that draw so much likes and attention that an image with a majestic view. Add food, drink, party, happy faces, etc. to that, and you have the perfect social media image.

The only snag with rooftop bars is that it’s wheatear dependent. In the sun safe and hot countries this is no problem. But in parts of Europe and America the rooftop season lasts for about 6 months. If it’s not cold and raining outside, there is actually no need to visit a regular bar instead of a rooftop bar.

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