7 Smoking/Vaping Friendly Rooftop Bars in LA

Published: August, 2019

It’s getting harder to find a place to smoke or vape in Los Angeles. That’s because this city has ordinances that prohibit such activities in public places. An attempt to smoke or vape in some public places these days can seem like making a radical political statement. But, you may still want to have a moment of quiet reflection without having those dirty looks. You might also want to have quality after-dinner moments vaping or smoking as you enjoy some drinks. That’s when you may want to find the best smoking or vaping friendly rooftop bars in LA.

Los Angeles has smoking/vaping friendly rooftop bars where you can enjoy your favorite drink as you smoke your favorite cigar or vape your preferred e-juice. These are hidden spots and gems around town with great smoking patios. You can catch a game or relax at a comfortable place with friends, strangers, or even alone as you smoke or vape while sipping your favorite drink. Here are some of the best smoking/vaping friendly rooftop bars in LA.

1. The Standard Rooftop Bar

Enjoy the panoramic Downtown Los Angeles views as you sip your drink, with your favorite cigar or your best vape from Vapingdaily in your hand at The Standard Rooftop Bar. This rooftop bar has a great setting that provides stunning views over downtown Los Angeles. It also has a lovely, large swimming pool. At night, this bar hosts amazing rooftop parties. It also features popular DJs and live acts. Customers are served bar bites and classic cocktails at this rooftop bar. There are also lounge sofas, regular tables, and waterbed pods.

2. Beverly Hills Rooftop

Kick back on an awesomely teak-decked poolside patio as you vape, smoke or drink your favorite cocktail at the Beverly Hills rooftop bar. This bar enables you to enjoy great views of the Los Angeles skyline and Beverly Hills. It’s open from the early morning hours till late dinner. Its menu features a wide range of nutritious cuisine and a variety of drinks. You can also enjoy an awesome summer weekend BBQ in this bar. It’s a popular rooftop bar among visitors and locals with an awesome rooftop pool.

3. La Descarga

La Descarga is another popular smoking or vaping friendly rooftop bar in LA. Here, you find people with all types of vapes as they sip high-end drinks, relax, or dance. La Descarga is a speakeasy, sultry club with a spacious room for vaping and smoking. But, be warned that this rooftop bar is serious about its dress code. If you’re the kind that can’t go out without flip-flops or hoodie, this might not be a place for you. Nevertheless, the over-the-top charms of this bar make dressing up while going there a necessity.

Once you pass muster with the bar guard, you ascend to a place that may look like a hotel room. This eventually leads you to a moody and dark club whose menu includes rum-based cocktails. You also get access to a well-ventilated smoking or vaping room. The bar has a small cigar menu but you can bring your favorite vape or cigar.

4. State Social House

State Social House is a sunset club that may look like a weather-beaten, pseudo-Tudor monstrosity when viewed from outside. However, this rooftop bar is well-stocked with quality spirits and cigars. It has some of the best drinks and cigars in town. You can even find your best vape at this rooftop bar. Its choice of craft beer is particularly decent.

The bar has a separate area for smoking and vaping. This makes it a particularly great place for smokers that want to get a better experience as they sip on whiskey. However, you may be charged a cutting fee for bringing your stogies.

5. Perch

Perch is a popular downtown rooftop bar in Los Angeles. It allows customers to enjoy the magical views of the skyline and skyscrapers while drinking, vaping and smoking. This rooftop bar has a great French bistro-feel interior and an outside seating with cozy fireplaces.

It features a bar/restaurant floor with outside and inside seating. It also has a rooftop terrace floor where customers are served a wide range of drinks. Perch can be an ideal night out venue for you if you love having fun at places with a great atmosphere and mixed crowds.

This downtown rooftop bar has an expansive outdoor patio. It might not seem like a place you can enjoy some of the best vapes on the market at first. That’s because smoking is not allowed on the main floor. However, there is a smaller bar on the second floor that provides a perfect space for smokers and vapers to soak in the amazing view of the city as they enjoy their stogies.

6. Onyx at Hotel Shangri- LA

Onyx at Hotel Shangri- LA is a sumptuously decorated rooftop bar with great indoor and outdoor spaces. This night out venue has a whimsical décor that references different eras. Onyx is one of the few bars that allow vaping or smoking in Santa Monica. You will always find a stogie crowd outside and you can pick up any cigar from the nearby establishments before going in. Nevertheless, Onyx is mostly crowded over the weekend. As such, you may want to make seat reservation or go early if you don’t want to miss a seat.

7. Caña Rum Bar

Caña Rum Bar is the place where locals and visitors go to hang out in a dark cocktail den that lets them enjoy drinking with vapes or cigars in their hands. It has a back patio that provides a decent place for vaping or smoking while sipping on a well-shaken daiquiri. You can also buy cigars while there or bring your own. Caña Rum Bar is a member’s only bar though gaining access to it is not too difficult.