The Most Unique Rooftop Bars Around The World

Fresh recommendations.

March, 2020

Any rooftop can become a bar as long as it has the right set up with a proper bar. If you are deeply immersed in the rooftop culture thought, you probably have pretty high expectations and go hunting for the most impressive rooftop bars around the globe.

The key is the view. Rooftop bars become landmarks for tourists in almost any city as you can enjoy unbeatable views from a height while enjoying delicious cocktails. This is why luxury residential buildings invest in pimping up their rooftops to attract residents as they know they can charge premium for such VIP access.

If you’ve got a bit of wanderlust and want to visit some of the coolest rooftop bars in your travels you can boast about to your friends later, you are lucky because we got some fresh recommendations for you.

1. Ozone, Ritz-Carlton [Hong Kong]

Ozone is one of the world’s highest rooftop bars. Just to get to the main lobby from the ground floor, you have to take an 80-second ear popping journey in the elevator. It sits on the 118th floor of the Ritz-Carlton hotel with a breathtaking view of Hong Kong with a one-and-only cocktail called HK Skyline and unparalleled Asian cuisine. You can go outside to enjoy the view of the beautiful island and jump back inside to enjoy the nightclub ambiance with great music.

2. Radio, ME Madrid Hotel [Madrid]

Situated in the heart of vibrant Madrid, Radio boasts of an unobstructed view of the famous Plaza de Santa Ana. It is recently renovated and always buzzing with decked out partygoers. It is massive with 400 square meters of space with eight sections and each has its own distinct ambiance and music.

3. Rock Bar [Bali]

Bali, the most popular tourist spot in Indonesia, has many stunning views and hot spots to offer. Rock Bar, located on a cliff which is only about 14 meters (50 feet) above the Indian Ocean, is a rocktop bar that could beat most other high-rise rooftop bars you’ll ever come across. It is big enough to host 800+ guests without feeling too crammed.

It’s an exclusive club with a rather specific dress code (which is very rare in Bali). You cannot wear singlets or boardshorts. The breathtaking view of the Jimbaran Bay alone, however, makes it easy to justify the effort.

4. The Met Rooftop Bar [New York]

You may think the Met is only available to celebrities and socialites, but in reality the Met rooftop is open to all. After browsing through some remarkable artwork, go up to the rooftop to enjoy the rare view of New York City and Central Park.

It is huge and filled with unique exhibits including statues, paintings, artifacts, etc. There is a grass area where you can lounge around and simply enjoy what you are able to see around you. They have limited hours; it’s only open during the hours of the museum so you’ll have better luck on weekdays.

5. Galapagos Cruise [Galapagos Islands]

There is no written rule that a rooftop cannot be mobile. The best rooftop bar would be a private sundeck on a yacht in a location where you will never get bored of the view. Yacht cruises can provide the most ideal rooftop experience - the most exclusive access to a gorgeous sundeck you can enjoy whenever you want as you travel across the water.

The Galápagos Islands is one of the most remote destinations with an incredible range of wildlife creatures most of which are only unique to the islands. These islands were visited by Charles Darwin back in 1835 and contributed to his theory of evolution. As you can imagine, this is not an easy place to get to.

But don’t you worry. You can reach this mystic dreamland while lounging in the best sun deck in Galapagos.

6. Heli Lounge Bar [Kuala Lumpur]

At Heli, you will find a view that you likely will never get anywhere else. They turned a helicopter pad into an aeronautical bar. The theme is not just in decorations. Their booths are built using the actual panel of a Boeing 737 and the DJ console created using a Boeing 747 turbine.

You can enjoy striking view of the city including gorgeous towers and skyscrapers in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Since it’s a helipad, the space has a very low fence so it isn’t the place for you if you are scared of heights.