Top 5 Rooftop Bars in Seoul

Published: October 23, 2018

You’re never far away from a rooftop bar in Seoul. More and more are popping up around the South Korean capital and they’re the perfect places to escape the heat and the crowds of people.

Whether you’re going on a date, catching up with friends or going for after-work drinks, there are plenty of options. The surrounding area of Seoul and the city-scape are breathtaking, rooftop bars are ideal for taking some time out to appreciate the views.

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Here are the top 5 rooftop bars in Seoul in no particular order...

Rooftop Kloud (Mercure Ambassador Hotel)

Rooftop Kloud describes itself as somewhere James Bond would hang out. It’s suave and sophisticated, but also fun. Situated on the 21st floor of the Mercure Ambassador Hotel, the rooftop bar offers breathtaking views and top-quality cocktails.

With glass walls, artificial grass, and a glass foyer, the decor is colorful and fun, but also chic. If you aim to impress, it’s the ideal place for a date. Their signature cocktail is made from sorbet, melted macaron, and spirits.

Rooftop Floating (L7 Hotel)

The vast, uber-modern bar offers panoramic views which contrast the natural beauty of Nam Mountain and the neon glow of Myeongdong. You can choose between 7 signature cocktails, an impressive list of wine and craft beer, and also enjoy superb Korean-style fried chicken There’s an indoor area as well as an outdoor space which features a footbath in the summer months. It’s a typical spot for after-work drinks and private parties.

Side Note Bar (RYSE Hotel)

Side Note Bar offers a refreshing escape from the hustle-and-bustle of Hongdae, one of the capital’s busiest neighborhoods. The first thing you notice as you walk into the retro-style bar is the flashing, pink, neon sign of the bar’s name.

One of the coolest features is the indoor lounge which has a collection of over 1,000 vinyl records. The bar offers a huge range of spirits and cocktails and you can enjoy fantastic views of the Han River and West Seoul.

Southside Parlor

Southside Parlor isn’t the highest or the swankiest rooftop bar in Seoul but it offers a unique, cool, and cozy atmosphere. It’s on the fourth floor of an American-style bar and it offers leather sofas, dart boards, hookahs, and an 80s arcade games. It’s down-to-earth and the prices are very reasonable. They serve great tacos and have some great vegan and vegetarian options.

Gaja Changgo

Gaja Changgo is one Seoul’s best rooftop bars for 2 reasons: the drinks are dirt cheap and the views are fantastic. Gaja Changgo literally means ‘rooftop bar’ and it was one of the first to open in the Korean capital. With its plastic furniture and large cafeteria-style tables, it’s not the most elegant in town but you can’t argue with the prices. It’s also fun, lively, and it attracts a diverse range of people.