The app that gives you compensation EVERY time your flight is delayed

A delayed flight when you are all set to travel and visit rooftop bars is always frustrating. By downloading the Colibra app, you will at least be compensated for your troubles.

Collaboration: Colibra | The Rooftop Guide

Colibra is a new app that offers users instant and guaranteed compensations on flight delays of 1-3 hours. No filing claims with airline companies and months of waiting, no hustle with determining if the delay was the airline’s fault. Just a 100% guaranteed compensation.

As avid travelers, we at The Rooftop Guide have had our fair share of delayed flights, and we know that getting compensated it is not an easy task. More so, it is very time consuming. That is why we think Colibra is a fantastic option, giving guaranteed compensation and time to do more rewarding things (like visiting rooftops).


The app is free to download and use. Pre-flight you register your non-delayed/non-cancelled flight within the app, prior to its departure. Then you use the app slider to choose the “delay pay time” that will trigger your instant compensation.

If the flight is delayed for 1-3 hours (or more), you are 100% guaranteed to get between 20-110 EUR within 24 hours (depending on the delay pay time chosen).

The only catch: by using Colibra you agree to waive your entitlement to a potentially bigger payout under the EU261 guidelines, which are applicable at delays of 3+ hours.

So while there is a slim chance to "miss out" on a larger compensation if your flight is 3+ hours delayed, the Colibra app is filled with advantages:
- as 1+ hour delays are 20 times more frequent than 3+ hour delays, this means you will get compensated a lot more often.
- no time consuming claims.
- it doesn't matter why the flight is delayed, you will still be compensated.
- it does not just work once, but every time there’s a delay and without effort or having to pay anything.

Working towards a fair, easy and accessible regulation of compensations, we at The Rooftop Guide highly recommend that you try Calibra on your next travels.