The Right Shoes for Crowded Rooftop Bars

Published: May, 2020

The summer months are the best time to explore the city, and the best way to do this is from a rooftop with a glass of something cool in hand. Rooftop bars can offer unique views and amazing drinks, but this means that they will likely be busier than any bar in the city once the sun is shining. Although the open-toed sandals that you have been saving for the summer months might be begging to be let out of the box, it might be best to opt for more comfortable footwear, if you want to protect your toes from the hustle and bustle.


Barcelona has a multitude of different rooftop bars to choose from, and it is no surprise. The Gaudi architecture dominating the city deserves a long drink at sunset to take it all in. If you're looking for a breathtaking building, there is nowhere better than 1881 Per Sagardi. By day, this is the refined restaurant of the Museum of History of Catalonia. By night, you will find a bustling bar studded with some of Barcelona's most fashionable residents, who sit down to eat a late night snack before a DJ takes the bar into the night, and the whole place becomes a rooftop dance floor.

Evening style in Barcelona can be tricky to master if you're not from a city which values smart evening attire. A lot of clubs will not allow entry to those wearing trainers, and may refuse entry if you are not dressed smartly enough. For women, this may mean wearing heels.

If the idea of spending all night on three-inch spikes after spending all day at work is enough to keep you at home, then think about a heeled wedge. Not only will you get the elegance of wearing a heel, but you will also get the comfort of wearing something a little flatter. Espadrille wedges are always common in Barcelona, so you will fit in perfectly with the locals.


Sitting atop what used to be Peckham's multi-storey carpark you will find Frank's Bar. Frank's as it is affectionately known, is one of London's best rooftops, and caters for the young and edgy. You'll have to climb a lot of stairs to reach the top, but once you're there, the view is like no other in London. Thankfully, Frank's is very relaxed, which means you can get away with more comfortable footwear.

Chunky boots are perfect for hiking up the stairs and standing to sip a frozen margarita (because it's tricky to get a seat at Frank's!). German workwear manufacturer engelbert strauss carries a range of sturdy boots. You could pair some chunky capped ankle boots with a floaty tea dress, which makes for a great yet summery look for balmy evenings in the city.

Alongside comfortable work shoes, engelbert strauss specializes in workwear for manual jobs, and offers a range of safety clothing including dungarees and shorts. The utilitarian nature of the clothes makes for a versatile look which can take you from work to the pub, and they have a range of styles to suit most tastes. The best thing about it? There are pockets in the dungarees which are usually reserved for tools. On this occasion, you could throw in your purse and lipstick and forget about taking a bag.


43 Up On The Roof is the sort of place that you discover on the last night of your holiday and scald yourself for not finding earlier in the week. It is a relaxed yet chic bar atop the Holiday Inn offering panoramic views of the city. They don't take reservations so it can get quite busy, but with the bar being so high up, you'll get some incredible views of Paris from wherever you're standing.

When it comes to footwear, the Parisians will always champion a ballet pump, and they're perfect for visiting 43. Ballet pumps always look elegant, and they will work perfectly with a pair of jeans or a dress, which is handy because the rooftop is open all year round - you might want to wrap up in winter!

There is something magical about being able to see the most incredible landmarks from one place. In the evening as dusk is settling, you won't get a better picture of the city sunset than from a rooftop bar. And with the most practical footwear, you might even stay until closing time.