Best ways to save energy and money at home while you are on a vacation

Published: September 06, 2019

What Are The Best Ways To Save Energy And Money At Home While You Go On Vacation

When you are ready to save money and energy at home, you also need to consider what you can do when you go on vacation. You can control how much money you are spending on energy when you are at home during the week, but you need to make some changes when you leave for long periods of time. Each of the steps listed below will ensure that you can keep your energy bills down, protect your home, and vacation without any worry at all.

Energy Usage In Canada

Canada produces only about 3% of the world’s energy consumption, but the country has a unique profile. While you are trying to save money on your utility bills, you are helping the Canadian energy industry remain below maximum capacity. Because of this, the country can maintain its hydroelectric and nuclear power infrastructure. 60% of the energy in Canada is hydroelectric, and another 15% is nuclear. If you continue to save, the country can cut back even more on the 25% that is still produced by oil, gas, coal, and other non-renewable sources.

You Need A Thermostat

You need a thermostat in the house that you can program to turn on and off at certain times. If you are leaving town, you can set your thermostat much higher/lower and only allow the air or heat to run so that you have some air movement in the house. If it is very cold outside, you could run the heat enough to ensure that you do not have any frozen pipes. However, you do not need to run the heat to keep the house comfortable. Let the thermostat do all the work so that you do not need to worry about it.

Use An App

If you have an app that connects to your thermostat, you should ensure that you are using that app to check the temperature and keep it within an affordable range. It is easy to use the app because it connects directly with your wireless thermostat, and you can even check the status of other appliances with home automation systems.

Check Your Plan

When you have an Edmonton natural gas plan, you need to check the plan to see how much it costs to run the heat every month. You can set up a plan that is the same price every month so that you are not surprised by the bill, and you could even take a promotional plan before you go out of town so that you can save money while you are out of town. You are not using the heat that much when you go out of town, and it is very easy to cut back on costs when you get a promotional plan at the same time.

Turn Off The Lights

You need to turn off the lights in the house so that you can cut down on your power bills. You probably know that most people who are going out of town like to leave one light one to make the house seem occupied. However, you still need to turn off every other light in the house so that you can cut back on your power bill. You can use home automation to turn on that one light that needs to remain lit at night using your phone, or you could just leave a lamp on that is by a window.

Close Windows And Seal Doors

You need to make sure that you have closed up the windows, sealed the doors, and locked down the house. This is a good thing to do so that you do not have any outside air flowing through the house. Some families will forget to do this and leave a window open. This could also be a problem because many people will have an issue with losing air from the HVAC system if the house is a bit drafty. Make certain that your attic door is closed, and ensure that your garage doors close completely.

Turn Off The Water

You can turn off the water to the house at the street. Spend a few dollars on a water key at the hardware store. That water key will help you turn off the main water valve. The water will not even make its way to the house, and you will not need to worry about leaks. The best way to prevent any pressure leaks is to open a tub spigot so that all the water can run out of the system. You can ensure that your home is safe, and you can simply turn the water back on when you back from vacation while the spigot is still open.

Set Your Security System

A security system helps you save money when you go out of town because you do not need to hire a house sitter. You can use the security system and an app that comes with the system. The app lets you check your cameras or the status of the house. Plus, you will get any alerts that come from the security system. You can communicate directly with authorities if there is a problem, and you can protect your home very well because the security company dispatches someone to your house in the event of an emergency.

Store Solar Power

If you are using solar panels at your house, you should direct some of the energy from those panels to the power company so that you can get paid. You could store some of the excess power that you have in a battery bank, and you can use that power in an emergency in the future. You are making a bit of a profit from energy sales when you go out of town, and you will have emergency power just in case you need it.

Stop Your Mail And Packages

You do not need to hire a house sitter when you have stopped the mail and packages. You do not want things sitting on your front step, and you should not pay someone to come pick those things up. It is much easier for you to save your money when you stop all parcel services, and you will avoid any prying from your neighbors.


The vacation that you have planned for your family is much easier for you to enjoy when you are using the tips above. You can save money on energy, and you can keep your house comfortable using advanced technology. You can also use apps to control your security system and protect your home in case there is an emergency while you are away. You do not need a house sitter, you can make money from solar power, and you can cut back on your utility bills.