Planning a Private San Francisco Group Bus Tour

Published: July 08, 2019

San Francisco has been a hub for the flamboyant youth for very long. The place boasts of cultural landmarks, iconic architectural wonders, and horrors like Alcatraz. At its heart, however, San Francisco is an odd and rambling city, so much so, that it features in some of the top group retreat destinations for any average American traveler. Being a young and hip space, however, has some detractors.

San Francisco

Not only is the place filled choc-a-bloc with attractions, but there are also many places where you’d have to navigate through huge traffic snarls. To get through the meandering city and to coordinate the entire trip, might be a hassle for anyone just starting out, so, think about it, and go into our guide for some handy tips on how to navigate San Francisco.

Book your vehicle

Now, this is a no-brainer for anyone who has gone into travel. Chances are, you’re going into San Francisco during peak tourist time, and chances are that you’ll be experiencing booked places everywhere. So, do the smart thing and book your vehicle from up ahead. San Francisco charter bus company can provide you relief from managing multiple car bookings for all the members of your group. Also, it helps you circumvent any situations where one of the cars in your fleet gets left behind due to a traffic snarl or something similar.

Plan your destinationsr

San Francisco is filled with attractions that bring together thousands of tourists in every calendar year. The only way to navigate them is through meticulous planning that allows you to see all the big places that make it a great place to visit.

The Golden Gate Bridge

More than a mile long, the Golden Gate Bridge has gone down the cultural memory like few other bridges have, an architectural marvel in its own right, when it opened, it was the longest and tallest suspension bridge on the planet.


The Chinese immigrants in the 19th century couldn’t settle down anywhere except in particular areas. These zoning laws birthed the iconic San Francisco Chinatown. It still features some of the best restaurants and tea shops in the entire district and has a distinct mark of the populace that calls it their home.


One of the most notorious prisons back in the day has become a hot-spot for visitors coming out of town now. Charter a bus and roam around the island to find out more about the history of the place.

The Wave Organ

One of the true marvels in San Francisco Bay, this was created by Peter Richards in 1986, it amplifies the sounds of the waves acoustically and creates a sonorous effect that’s very beautiful.

Avenue Staircase

The quiet Sunset district of San Francisco has quite a secret hidden amidst it. This 163-step marvel has a mosaic of artistry that leads you towards one of the most famous viewpoints to see the San Francisco horizon.


The only theatre in the world created for sound movements, Audium is an experience in its own. Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night, the music is performed in an absolute dark using a unique blend of conducting, with speed, deftness, and direction figuring into it.

San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers

Once you’ve visited and been over the Golden Gate Bridge make your way to the Golden Gate Park to see this marvel. Housing over 2000 species, their collection of Amazonian aquatic plants is a rare feat worth noticing. Also worth seeing? The variety of carnivorous plants that the conservatory houses.

Japanese Tea Garden

In 1894 a huge fair happened in San Francisco, where the tea garden proved to be so popular that it stayed. Even today it welcomes visitors. Check out the ornamental arrangements that distinguish the traditional ochaya from Japan, and see a piece of Japanese-American culture which has remained fairly untouched for more than a century.