Rooftops: A Newer Path To Education

Published: May 07, 2019
Rooftop inspiration

Much that has been said about education, one argument has remained intact. An argument which states that education is not a journey ever to be completed. Education is a lifelong process; even if you are eighty years old and resting in your armchair, there might be a moment that will enlighten you to the perspectives of this world.

One can only claim to be an expert on a subject but can never strongly argue that he/she has gained all the education one could achieve on the matter. In addition to that, the times we live in has transcended all the normative methods of teaching students; it is not only limited to classrooms and libraries now, but is a digital platform for the whole world to take part in.

For example, it was never possible in earlier times that you would be able to take a course in advanced data analytics; a course being taught in another part of the world which a student could take part in from a remote location. Much like that, the traditional methods of imparting education has changed around the world.

In previous times, you would find students taking time out for some revisions by going to the library, cafes, gardens, or a friend’s home for group study. Now, rooftops are a trend in that category. Such is the extent of it that if a student ever needed essay help, they can find professional assignment writers huddled together on a rooftop working together to help out students.

Ever since the advent of rooftop bars, there have been a lot of studies conducted on how useful rooftops can be when it comes to solving many urban problems. In these studies, it was found that there is a massive area lying unused in the form of rooftop space. Being a hub for students, nonetheless, it is also a brilliant spot for individual farming.

Many a students are now trying their hands at farming on rooftops. There are many universities worldwide who are focusing on organic farming at the moment. Such is the demand for organic foods and emphasis on growing your own food that multitudes of students are enrolling themselves in courses like this. That itself has pushed the demand for agricultural nursing specialists and the need for nursing assignment help among students.

The emphasis on organic farming is in tandem with all the movements against food grown with the help of chemicals; many a people do not trust the corporates. Especially when, it comes to the matter of food they need. More and more people are getting enticed by the idea of growing their own food; not everybody has a farm, but many have rooftops they can fully utilize to farm organic food.

Rooftops aren’t only about cafes and bars, but have become much more than that. They can be used for rainwater collection and to put up solar panels as well. Noticed by architects as a space that can be used well, rooftops have become parking spaces and stadiums. Sometimes used as a great place to put up a private screening theatre as well. The uses range from one to many; as long as the human mind exists, they will come up with different ideas to make use of this space.

Much as that be, it comes in great use for the students. Rooftop cafes began to trend a long time ago and are still propping up in places; there is so much of potential left unused. It is a great place for artists, students, freelancers, and the youth of today to enjoy a peaceful time in the weather.

Go on a rooftop café and you will find all sorts of crowds; some will be with a group having fun, some will be along and working, and some will be on a date looking for some place new to explore. What better place to study in the winters than on a rooftop café with professional research paper writers all around you?

You could choose your own spot, talk to people around you who can get you a great level of help; these spots are for socializing and having fun. You must have heard of coffees shops frequented by people of intellectual literati. Much like that, you must have heard of cafes where students of a certain university love to hang out.

Same goes with the rooftop cafes and spaces frequented by students. You could just be in need of term paper writing help or a programming assignment help, and out of nowhere you will find someone capable of helping you out sitting right next to you.

Rooftops have given a form to a newer method of housing too; you can find cabins built on rooftops that can easily accommodate two people. Green roofs are also a thing of the present where people like this method to cool off their terrace and eventually help maintain the temperature of their home. It also goes a long way in cutting down the pollution one has to sniff through each time they decide to go on the terrace.

But that aren’t the only uses of a rooftop, you would be surprised to know that rooftops are heavily used as chicken coops; no matter which part of the world it is. In South East Asia, more prominent spaces use rooftops as pigeon coops keeping hundreds of pigeons on a singular rooftop. You could see why farmers and agriculturalists are so interested in using rooftop spaces.

Even after all this, rooftops became a massive area of interest when solar panels became a viable installation on these. Nowadays, you can find universities, institutions, hostels, and hospitals using solar panels to supply energy for their needs. Solar panels can be easily installed on a rooftop if the area is adequate.

Hopefully, we will keep on seeing newer trends when it comes to the use of rooftops. It is a changing world, and we change with it. Let us keep our fingers crossed that the trends aren’t the only ones that are new.