Rooftop party in New York!

The top 5 rooftop bars for a party in NYC.

June 28, 2016

If you like New York City and its lively atmosphere, then you often also like a good party. And what is better than going to a party at one of New York many roof terraces. Below are the top 5 rooftop bars in NYC in terms of party and be sure to see the NYC Insider Guide for more fun things to do in NYC.

1: Rooftop party at The Press Lounge at Ink48 Hotel in New York:

A large and party friendly rooftop bar. Here you’ll find most of what you can demand from a perfect rooftop. Lots of seating and standing places, quite magical views of both the Hudson River and New York's impressive skyline, a wide variety of almost everything you can think of in the way of beverages as well as well-dressed party people.

Rooftop party in New York
The Press Lounge.

2: Rooftop party at Jimmy at the James at Jimmy Soho in New York:

Up on the 12th floor of the hotel Jimmy Soho you will find this party-pearl. Here you’ll find a little younger clientele and many people comes here quite early to enjoy the fantastic sunset.

The rooftop terrace is also equipped with a luxurious swimming pool, which makes this a perfect rooftop bar to visit in the little warmer evenings. The bar is located inside, but there’s a lot of seating out on the terrace.

Rooftop party in New York
Jimmy at The James.

3: Rooftop party at Lounge at Pod39 Hotel in New York:

A stunning rooftop bar in New York in terms of both after work and the later party. The terrace brings together a big mix of people. Both business people, students, tourists and locals. The atmosphere is always festive and lively up here.

Come in time, because the terrace quickly becomes full of people early in the evening. Ideal for those who like a little more relaxed party atmosphere.

Rooftop party in New York
Lounge at Pod39.

4: Rooftop party at Le Bain at The Standard in New York:

If you like to party with a view, you will love this rooftop bar. On weekends lots of young party people comes here to take part of the magical views of the Hudson River and Downtown New York.

This roof terrace has also become very popular among tourists. The location is right in the party and restaurant district Meatpacking, does not make things worse. The only downside here might be the long queue to the bar and that the terrace gets full very quickly.

Rooftop party in New York
Le Bain at The Standard.

5: Rooftopparty at Gansevoort Meatpacking in New York:

One of New York's hottest nightclubs. During the day you can sit and enjoy refreshing drinks in the sunshine on the rooftop terrace. In the evening the whole place turns into a nightclub. The terrace is also open in the evenings.

Here you get a view of both the Hudson River, Downtown, and the skyline. Lots of people comes here to party and to enjoy the awesome views. An ultimate rooftop bar in NYC if you’re looking for a nice party.

Rooftop party in New York
Gansevoort Meatpacking.

For more information on New York's best rooftop bars you can find them all in this guide. Also check out this article about the best rooftop bars in Los Angeles for a rooftop party. And here's a great site if you're looking for vpn no logging.

Rikard Fredricson
Rikard Fredricson

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