Having a Drink at the Roof in Chernobyl

Different perspectives.

August, 2021

Every place on Earth can be seen from two perspectives: on the ground and above it. Some sites have to be explored on the ground in order to see all de details, while others look perfectly from the rooftops.

Chernobyl is a unique place that looks great from any perspective. Exploring the zone and walking among the abandoned buildings gives you the feeling of being in a scary film. However, seeing it from up high is a completely different experience.

Chernobyl Phenomenon

There was an explosion in the Chernobyl nuclear power plant 35 years ago, which is considered to be the biggest of all time. Hundreds of tons of radioactive nuclides were released, making the area dangerous to be in. The causes of the explosion are still debated, but the human and construction errors are generally accepted as the reasons.

Tours to Chernobyl

The time after the accident passes fast, and nature cleans itself up. It is comparatively safe to visit the Chernobyl exclusion zone right now. Of course, there are places that are still radioactive, but the general doze that tourists get is equal to the neutral dose we get every day. However, you must choose the best tour agent because Chernobyl is the place where you cannot trust unqualified people.

Chernobyl Rooftops

In general, rooftops are not listed among the places to visit in Chernobyl, but the https://chernobylstory.com/ travel agent provides you with this experience.

What to See

From a rooftop in Chernobyl, you will see the deserted area where nature is the queen. We are used to the panoramic views of the well-groomed cities, but the exclusion zone is different. People left it 35 years ago, and they never came back, so nature and animals took over it. The abandoned villages and towns, the amusement park that was never used, and the nuclear power plant itself – that’s what you can see from up high.


You have to understand that not all rooftops are safe for you to spend a lot of time on. The travel agent picks the ones that give you the best view and don’t put you in any danger. Tourists can have a drink at the rooftop near the secret radar “Duga-1”, the huge Soviet construction that was aimed at detecting an intercontinental ballistic missile shortly after it was launched.

Tours to Chernobyl

In order to get to a rooftop, you need to book a tour. The travel agent offers different options: 1-, 2-, 3-, 4-, 5-, 6-day tours, and a private tour. With the fixed tours, there is a list of places tourists visit, but with a private tour, you can pick the destinations you want. Visit the website to find the tour plans for your trip. Chernobyl is a unique place in itself, but with the panoramic view from a rooftop, the trip will become an incredible experience!