The Best Rooftop Bars of the Galapagos

A combination of 18 islands.

March, 2020

2020 has just started, and people have so many plans for this New Year. Let us assist you in planning your adventures to make this year far better than the previous ones. So, today, we will take you to a journey where you get to explore the most iconic rooftop bars and best sun deck in Galapagos.

At first, you should know that the Galapagos Islands are a combination of 18 islands that are a part of Ecuador distributed through the eastern Pacific Ocean. Fortunately, the islands are evolving at a fast pace, and you have more than enough options to eat and drink in Ecuador. And it is not just the land rooftop bars that will intimidate you; there are cruises with luxury rides and first-class bars and restaurants on the terrace. So, you can get the rooftop bar experience on a cruise as well.

List of Rooftop Bars & Restaurants in Galapagos:

Here is the list of places that are worth a visit when you are on the islands.

1: Ikala Galapagos Hotel, Puerto Ayora:

The rooftop of the Ikala Hotel is the bar and restaurant area designed specifically to give a luxurious experience to the visitors. The place is open from morning 7:00 AM to 10 AM so that the guests can enjoy their delicious breakfast meal while looking at the harbor.

In the evening time, the local chefs will delight you with their traditional and modern cuisines. They also take special requests from the customers and provide meals with excellent quality. And one thing much more appreciable by the hotel is that if you wish to dine out, they will be happy to recommend the best places according to your taste and preference.

We can promise you that you will get to experience the finest flavors in the rooftop bar and restaurant of the Ikala hotel.

2: Almar, Puerto Ayora:

This is a perfect place for lunch, dinner, breakfast, brunch, and drinks. Almar is considered as one of the best sun deck in Galapagos. The oceanic view of the restaurant will make your dining and drinking plans much more exotic.

The outdoor seating area gives the perfect feel of a rooftop bar with a wooden shed. Traditional Ecuadorean cuisine served with alcohol will give you an unmatched experience.

3: Finch Bay Restaurant, Puerto Ayora:

Just like Almar, Finch Bay Restaurant has a full bar that serves a wide range of alcoholic drinks to the customers. The outdoor seating area with delicious wine and beer is something that you can cherish for life. They even plan special dates for the people so that they can enjoy a perfect vacation with their loved ones.

With the backdrop of the stunning view of the ocean and the beach, the place combines all sorts of drinks and features a unique of dishes and drinks as their specialty.

4: TJ Bar & Restaurant, Puerto Ayora:

This bar and restaurant will fit into the rooftop bar category. They specialize in Latin American flavors and textures. You can go to the rooftop and enjoy your food and drink altogether. They serve all different kinds of drinks, national and international cuisines, with items that are healthy to eat.

5: IL Nuovo Giardino Restaurant, Puerto Ayora:

There is no other rooftop bar & restaurant that you will find so soothing than this place. IL Nuovo Giardino has a bio lounge that follows the sustainability principle while serving alcohol on the other side. You get to enjoy the best Ecuadorian cuisine in this rooftop bar and restaurant.

While the restaurant mainly focuses on breakfast and dinner, alcohol can be served at any time. The outdoor seating plan is well laid out so that every single person gets to enjoy the beauty of the Pacific Ocean.

6: Buganvilla, Puerto Ayora:

Buganvilla is also one of the hottest spots for food and drinks in Galapagos. This place has an outdoor lounge that serves as a rooftop bar. The fancy decoration of the lounge paired with fairy lights and trickling fountains gives a whole new feeling to the visitors. For additional comfort, instead of having chairs for the seating arrangement, this bar has couches.

During weekends, you will get to enjoy live music, patrons, and Foosball with your food and drinks.

7: Memorable Galapagos Sea Star Journey:

Galapagos is also very well-known for its Sea Star Journey experience. They offer a yacht that combines a contemporary design, privacy, and comfort for the visitors. With a maximum capacity of 16 passengers featuring seven spacious suites, you’ll have the chance to look at the wonderful landscape of Galapagos Islands closely.

And for another luxury service, they offer local and international dishes in the cozy environment of the dining room. Along with this, the yacht has a large solarium with both shaded and uncovered areas, two Jacuzzis, and comfortable sun loungers. So, you get to sit on the best sun deck in Galapagos, which happens to be a rooftop bar and restaurant as well.

Make Your Experience Worth Every Penny:

Whether you like sitting under the sun nearby pool or you prefer being close to trees and mountains, Galapagos gives you the pleasure of having all these things at the same time. You can sit under the lovely and best sun deck in Galapagos or go to the rooftop to have some drinks.

You can relish the incredible view of Puerto Ayora harbor of Santa Cruz Island resting in between the trees and gardens while sipping the best wines and beer of South America.

Some Final Words:

Romantic, energetic, vibrant, historical, cultural, friendly, enigmatic, mesmerizing, and overall breathtaking, even all these words combined couldn’t sum up the beauty of Galapagos Islands.

And like a cherry on the top of the cake, if you are coming from America, then there is no need for currency exchange as Ecuador has been using U.S. Dollar since 2000. The cheap flights and lower rates make Galapagos Islands a perfect destination for Weekend Getaways.