Rooftop bar of the month, November 2016 - SKYE in Hong Kong!

Published: November 14, 2016

Good service, grand views and comfortable seating’s on the rooftop bar SKYE in Hong Kong:

Rooftop bar Hong Kong

SKYE is a newly opened rooftop bar located at the luxurious hotel The Park Lane Hong Kong in the middle of the area Waan chai. Formerly known as the rooftop bar Riva and The Deck but it was recently changed with a totally new concept and appearance. We visited the place in October to take a closer look. And we were not disappointed...

SKYE meets all the requirements to qualify as a Rooftop bar of the month. Here you get a fantastic view, fast service, good drinks, tasty food and a really nice atmosphere. Here you can see more info, booking links etc. for the rooftop bar SKYE. And here you can find other roof bars in Hong Kong.

Judging by the images seen from the rooftop bar it looks absolutely magical. And it was with great expectations we went here with. Straight away after you get off the elevator you feel like it will be a really nice roof terrace. You’ll be well treated directly and the show you out to the terrace.

There are both lots of lounge seats, and even a large circular bar with many seats in. For those who want to stay in the shade it can also be solved. Partly under roof in close proximity to the bar or in the lounge sofas in the end of the terrace.

Rooftop bar Hong Kong

The service at the rooftop bar is attentive and quick. And here you’ll find lots of different spirits to choose from. They like to mix depending on your needs. The only down point was that they did not have Aperol - which is our favorite kind of spirit. The beer is served in the large beer glass which fits perfectly in the hot Asian climate. For those who are hungry, you can order good French food to enjoy along with your drinks. They also serves light snacks for those who just want to drink.

But the best thing here is the amazing view. Magnificent panoramic views across Kowloon and parts of Hong Kong City to the sides. This is a perfect rooftop bar for those who like to take a few drinks before their dinner or party. Best time to come here is between 14:00 to 20:00. Then you also get to experience the sunset as well as when Hong Kong is lit up in the powerful neon lights and the whole city turns into an impressive light spectacle.

Rooftop bar Hong Kong
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