Rooftop at ILLA

One of The Nicest Rooftops in South America.

March, 2020

Have you ever sat on a rooftop or terrace just to see a sunrise or sunset? If not, then it is about time that you try that. Just imagine traveling to a location that is far away from the city and yet has alluring things to offer. With the quite remote and isolated islands, you’ll get to see the clear skyline and landscape of the dynamic and traditional streets of San Marcos.

If you’ve never sat on a rooftop and enjoyed the view of the sky, then you are missing out something great. With the visit to the ILLA Hotel in Quito, you get to redefine luxury and comfort and enjoy the rooftop bar and restaurant surrounded by enchanted beauty.

Why People Choose ILLA Hotel?

Through all the years, decades, and centuries, humankind is trying to make lives more luxurious and comfortable. And the ILLA Hotel welcomes its guests to the world where they get to live in harmony with nature itself. The hotel is built in a historic house that represents the exquisite style of Quito. That’s why the hotel experience and architecture is customized around that luxury. Whether it is the rooftop bar and restaurant or the extra-luxurious suites, there is something special in the hotel for every visitor.

Rooms/Suites With World-Class Amenities:

All rooms are inspired by the richness of Ecuador’s history and offer a different perspective. As the city is built over the years, it has experienced a wide variety of cultures. And each chapter left a distinct mark on their architecture.

You can choose from a Standard Suite, Master Suite, and a Luxury Suite according to your budget and desired services. All rooms and suites of Illa Hotel have:

- Wireless telephone connection

- Wi-Fi internet

- Smart LSD TV

- Satellite TV coverage

- Duvet with Cover

- Fine Linen sheets

- Heated Blankets and Choice of Pillows

- Private Bathrooms

- Mini-Bar

- Floor Radiator with Thermostat

- Herbal and hot water compressors

- Blackout curtains and turndown service

- Alarm Clock, Safe, Hair Dryer, Slippers, Bathrobe, etc.

All these features and amenities combine and create a wonderful experience for all the customers. Book the perfect room at affordable prices, and you’ll have a weekend that you won’t forget.

Rooftop Bar:

Quito is a city that has focused on retaining the green spaces and expanding them further. Quiteños understand the value of nature and ensure that they do no harm.

And the greatest thing is that places like ILLA Hotel give visitors an opportunity to cherish natural beauty. The Hotel offers unique cocktails at the rooftop bar and restaurant while customers admire the mountain view. ILLA hotel has a rooftop bar with a panoramic view of the Panecillo and the historic center, giving a whole new feel.

Rooftop Restaurant:

It is not only the Rooftop bar that has unmatched service; the Illa Hotel Restaurant has the authenticity and innovation of South American culture. The award-winning chefs at the hotel use the traditional ingredients to create an Ecuadorian cuisine that you would have never tasted before.

We can promise you that you will get to experience the finest flavors in the rooftop bar and restaurant of the Illa hotel.

Wine Cellar:

ILLA Hotel in Quito offers you the opportunity to savor the best wine flavors from their exclusive collection. You can make a reservation for the wine tasting session and take the best wine with you.

Illa Spa:

What else would be a better way to loosen up things on your vacation? Give yourself a treat by visiting Illa Spa, and the experts will pamper to all your needs. The spa is equipped with a Jacuzzi, reflexology room, body therapy room, and several other luxurious amenities. However, just like the Wine Cellar visit, you need a prior reservation to take advantage of the Spa service offered by ILLA Hotel.

Additional Activities:

As the hotel is located in the center, you can find several new activities on your own. With the boutiques, restaurants, cafes, and bars, there is something at Quito for everyone. Using the local tour operators and agencies, you can take part in the various activities also.

So, you see, when there are so many things to do, you can spend your day in a much more interesting way than just sitting at the rooftop of Illa.

Make Your Experience Worth Every Penny:

Whether you like sitting under the sun or you prefer being close to trees and mountains, Illa is a hotel that gives you the pleasure of having both these things at the same time.

You can relish the incredible view of Penecillo Statue and the streets of Quito while sitting at the rooftop. The hotel dated back to 1700 and underwent some renovation in the 20th century. While the view of Penecillo is limited to the rooms which face the statue, everybody can look over the city from the rooftop at ILLA Hotel. The whole ambiance, natural freshness, bright sun, and skyline from the ILLA Hotel is a sight for sore eyes.

South America has its fair share of rooftop bars and restaurants that attracts people from all over the world. But there is something about the exquisiteness of Quito and the old architecture of the ILLA Hotel, which attracts visitors to this place. San Marcos has a 400-year old neighborhood that is still alive and well. The ILLA Hotel is a symbol of the everlasting culture and tradition of Ecuador, which is cherished by the locals and visitors.

Some Final Words:

If you ever plan a trip for South America, then we recommend that you visit Quito at least once in your lifetime. It is not just the natural beauty of the valley and mountains that will force you to visit again. The impeccable service and a rooftop view of the ILLA Hotel will leave an impact on your mind as well.

The moment you step on the rooftop of the ILLA Hotel, you’ll know that you are in one of the nicest places in South America, if not the whole world.