The casino roof that couldn’t take it anymore

Published: November 21, 2019

Sometimes, roofs act a lot like men. At first glance, they seem strong and composed. Nothing could ever hurt them. Then something bad suddenly happens and, the next thing you know, everything changes. All masks are taken off, as one of Future’s trap hits used to say. That carefully crafted illusion of strength goes away.

That’s what happened (kind of) this July at Lucky Lady Casino in Gardena, when the building’s roof partially collapsed over dozens of people, injuring at least 11 of them. Fortunately, the injuries were pretty minor and only seven people were taken to the ER for further care. According to the local health officials, all of them got fine in no time, so thank God for that!

Who and why?

But how did it all happen? And why? The story goes something like this: one Monday morning, at 10:20 AM, an area where large commercial air conditioners were placed collapsed over the lobby. The incident filled gaming tables with debris, while also causing a considerable water leak.

One of the customers told news reporters that he had noticed for some time that the roof was sealed with tape, but thought nothing more of it until it all came down on him and his gambling mates. The ultimate cause of the collapse has not been determined yet, but experts say incidents like this usually occur for one of these reasons:

● Illegal tempering: any major change to the design of a roof can cause a collapse;

● Loading the roof until it can’t take it anymore. Those two huge air conditioners may be considered the prime suspects;

● The roof was built with materials that didn’t fit the rest of the structure;

● Earthquakes. Earlier in the month, a 6.9 earthquake shook Southern California, so that might’ve been a factor.

God’s wrath?

The casino is owned by one of Larry Flynt’s companies, the publisher of Hustler magazine. Some will say that this whole incident was caused by God’s wrath. Who knows? Anyway, Minda Gowen, a spokesperson for Flynt Management Group, said she’ll have her architects at the scene to figure out who’s to blame. The Gardena police also started an investigation into this, it remains to be seen what they find out.

Fortunately, nobody died. So, in the end, this casino proved to be a Lucky Lady, but to be sure it is safer to play at an online casino, you can find a list here.