Get to the Roof! Best Place to Propose Around the World

Published: November 25, 2019
Propose on a rooftop

Did you know that December is the most popular month for getting engaged? If you're ready to propose you need to know not only when you're going to ask but where you're going to pop the question.

Are you wondering about the best place to propose? Why, the roof, of course! Read this article to learn about the best rooftops for proposals around the world.

1. The Empire State Building in New York City

When planning a proposal many people likely consider New York City. It's an enchanting city filled with memorable sights, sounds, and activities. There's plenty of great places to pop the big question in the big apple, but a rooftop is even better.

Head to the rooftop of the Empire State Building for gorgeous views of the city that never sleeps. The views of Central Park will be dreamy and romantic. They'll be so many sights to look at your partner will be so surprised at the proposal.

Try going to the Empire State Building at night and in the offseason to avoid large crowds. This will make the experience more intimate.

2. The Eiffel Tower in Paris

The city of love. Is there a better place to propose than Paris, France? It's hard to go wrong with a proposal in this romantic city.

Head to the top observation deck of the Eiffel Tower to take in sweeping views of the city. This is a beautiful place to ask your partner to marry you in. You'll need a ring as beautiful as the view to propose with, click here for some engagement rings ideas.

3. Vertigo Resturant in Bangkok

If you're a bit more adventurous and want to venture off the beaten path consider choosing Bangkok, Thailand for your proposal backdrop. Bangkok offers ornate shrines and bustling streets paired with delicious eats.

For great views of the city check out the Vertigo Resturant. It's located on the 61st floor and offers a fine dining experience. Be prepared to be dazzled as you propose with this Thai city in the background.

4. The Shard in London

Have you heard of the Shard in London, England? It's the tallest building in all of the United Kingdom. They offer multiple fine dining restaurants between the 31st and 52nd floors.

The views at The Shard are unmatchable across London. Plan on visiting the highest vantage point on the 72nd floor for sweeping views. The staff is happy to help make special arrangements for your special day.

Best Place to Propose

Now that you know the best place to propose it's time to get planning. All you need to do is get the ring and head to the roof! Your special someone will be enchanted with any rooftop locale on the big day.

Remember the most important part of the proposal is the love between you and your partner!

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