Top 4 Places that can Boost Your Productivity

Published: October 28, 2019

Whether you are working on a business project or studying, the environment in which you choose to work matters a lot. The place where you work can hinders or boost your productivity. Therefore, it's essential to figure out which type of place will work best for you. However, switching places can also work for some people and help them generate new ideas. A typical office environment and a quiet library are known to be the best places for working, but there are no changing views to stimulate your senses and keep your brain active. Listed below are some unexpected places to work that can enhance your productivity level.

1. Cafeterias:

Cafeterias and food courts are good places to sit and work. People are constantly entering and leaving a cafeteria, making consistent noise. This, along with the aroma of food, can motivate you to complete your task until your next break. Moreover, you can also enjoy brunch or snacks while working and can see others eating. The act of eating keeps your brain alert and releases dopamine. Make sure not to eat to your full appetite while working in a cafeteria. You should only snack and stay around 40% hungry so that every bite is rewarding. Snack every 90 minutes to keep your brain focused on the work at hand. Another good break to charge your batteries is to visit Hong Kong Tower for some classic online slots.

2. Empty University Classrooms:

If you are or were a student, you’ll agree that your brain is conditioned to stay focused and concentrate in class. On the other hand, you have been conditioned to relax, sleep, and have fun in your bedroom. The environment of the classroom triggers your brain to stay alert and work to its maximum potential. Therefore, studying in an empty university classroom can prove to be a good choice for university students. Students need to have frequent study sessions as they have to work on college assignments, essays, and projects. Essay writing assignments and dissertations require you to work with full concentration. When you study in a place where you first learned the material, you are more likely to recall that information accurately. So take advantage of the environmental cues and do more work in less time.

3. Outdoors:

A healthy body is crucial for a sound mind, and a sound mind is vital for being productive. Imagine the fresh air, cool breeze, sunlight, and views of natural or urban landscapes refreshing your eyes and boosting your imagination. Studying or working outdoors on a rooftop coffee shop, a park, a backyard or porch, can actually maximize your productivity. If you choose to work outdoor on a cool day, the crisp air will keep your brain awake. In comparison, if your study room or workplace is indoors and poorly ventilated, you are more likely to get exhausted, and the buildup of carbon dioxide will affect your brain’s productivity.

4. Coffee Shops:

A coffee shop is a sophisticated place to escape from the frustrating aspects of your office. Find a coffee shop near your office that has an atmosphere feasible to concentrate on your work and to spur your creativity. You’ll often see many workaholics in a coffee shop. Coffee shops offer perks such as an endless supply of coffee to keep your brain active, quality snacks, free Wi-Fi, and power sockets to charge your system or phone.