Paying for Travel While Living Abroad

Everything you need to do.

January 24, 2022
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How to Afford Traveling When Working or Studying in Another Country

When spending time in a foreign country to work or study, there are plenty of new places to see...but how is it possible to afford traveling? Here are a few tips! Students abroad certainly don't have much of a cash surplus as well as those working abroad. They aren't saving a whole lot of money, either. As for, these people should take into account airfare, rent, and everyday expenses on what is often a lower salary than at home. So how is it that people who go to live in a foreign country return with stories of traveling all over to exciting destinations? Learn the secret of money management while living abroad: How to have enough for food, rent, and travel.

Be Smart Before Departure: Plan Ahead

Hoping to do a lot of travel while abroad? Find a place to live that won't take a sizable chunk out of monthly earnings. The logic is simple: Payless money for rent, have more money to travel! And as for the initial flight (or train ride) over? Consider less expensive flight options, such as odd times of day/night, flights with one stopover, et cetera. Or, think about booking a round-trip flight (with the return date at a time when the semester or work contract is over), which often costs less.

Be Economical: Everyday Saving Tips for City Dwellers

Commuters: Take advantage of the monthly pass or something similar. If taking the bus, trolley, or subway to work every day, some sort of special pass makes far more sense than purchasing individual, one-way trips. Students: Take advantage of a special discounted student rate! Some cities may even have some sort of semester pass for public transportation rather than a monthly pass.

Simple Yet True: Don't Go Overboard With the Dining Out

Think about the following scenario: someone living in Paris for a year goes out to lunch three times a week, and out to dinner solo or with friends twice a week. A lunch typically costs anywhere from six to ten euros, and dinner (including a drink and maybe a dessert) adds up to about twenty euros. So, taking this information into account and doing some simple math (and assuming an average of eight Euro for lunch three times a week), that's 64 Euro per week, a whopping 256 Euro per month, spent dining out. That's enough for a trip to, say, Germany or Spain for a long weekend.

Appreciate What's Right There: Never Underestimate the Value of Local Travel

Even when living out in the middle of nowhere, there is bound to be something noteworthy or interesting within a day trip or weekend trip's distance. And it may even be possible to take that monthly or semester pass and use it toward a portion of that local travel; i.e. only paying for the part of the trip outside the local pass's radius.

Banking Matters While Traveling: If There's a Direct Deposit Opportunity

Take it! If a salary or stipend is going directly into a bank account, that money is more readily accessible when traveling. While charging stuff is a quick fix for lack of cash, there will likely be at least one instance where cash only is accepted. Be sure to have money in the bank account while traveling, so that when it comes time to hit the cash machine, there's plenty to get through the rest of the trip. Staying financially smart while abroad to afford travel is easy. In addition to accumulating some savings before departure for a foreign country, take the above tips into account to help make traveling a more realistic opportunity while abroad.