11 Tips If You Want to Party Without Failing School

All you need to know.

June 23, 2022

No matter how fun the party may seem, the morning after it can hardly be called fun. A tired look, a grayish face color, swelling - all these are results of alcohol and a sleepless night. And how can one even think about important tests and presentations the next day?

Well, student life is primarily about balance, right? And in this article, we are guiding you through the process of finding it. Now, let’s dive into the best tools that will help you freshen up and tune into a productive mood!

Before the Party

Get Up Early

Morning is the time when our mind is clear. That is why many successful people try to make the most of it. You can start your day by answering emails, finishing homework, coming to a consultation with a teacher, or meeting groupmates about a project.

By the way, morning is the best time to do long-term planning. If you see that there’s a need to fill in the gaps in some subjects without hurting others, here’s a great way. Just outsource your assignment to a research paper writer at EssayPro since its authors have solid experience. More and more students rely on them to submit everything on time.

Your task is to get things in order so that the party doesn’t affect your academic performance.

Don’t Waste Your Time

There are times during the day when you are doing exactly nothing. For instance, you are waiting for the bus, sitting in the dentist’s office, standing in line, and so on.

It’s unlikely that you will manage to write an article review during these 15 minutes. But you can do some simple things: make a phone call, plan the next post for your blog, look through your notes, or listen to a chapter of an audiobook. Even a couple of minutes spent on something good can make a big difference.

Avoid Multitasking

Instead of tackling several tasks at once, take the time to complete one from start to finish. Indeed, your brain activity decreases when you are trying to manage it all. Better do one thing, but do it well.

Don’t Keep Everything in Your Head

The brain naturally remembers all interrupted and unfinished activities. It could be homework, dirty dishes, or a message that needs to be answered. Therefore, you must free the brain from them.

To do this, write down all the ideas and tasks and … simply finish them. With the transition of learning to an online format, we have seen how important self-organization is to succeed in school. It will also be useful to write down how much time it will take you to complete a specific item in the plan.

Eventually, all this will help you relax at the party without stressing over upcoming deadlines.

Treat Yourself to High-Calorie Foods

Who hasn't heard the good old advice not to drink on an empty stomach? Party’s eve is the time when you can treat yourself to fatty food like pizza or French fries. With a full stomach, alcohol won’t be that toxic for your body.

After the Party

Have a Long Night Sleep

Sleep is the easiest and most enjoyable way to recover. During sleep, our cells regenerate and all recovery processes are launched.

Of course, you don’t always have the opportunity to sleep for half a day. Therefore, complete some projects in advance so that the next day after the party isn’t that busy. In short, thorough preparation is always key, especially when it comes to managing it all.

Just Add Some Water

Alcohol, salty foods, and long walks in cold air all dehydrate the skin. Therefore, thermal water, serum, cream, and lip balm must become your best friends.

Surely, you need to moisturize the skin both from the outside and inside. So, drinking more water and green tea also won’t hurt.

Fight With the Swelling

The biggest thing that betrays us after a party is our eyes. Bruises, swelling, and redness look really awful. The most effective method to get rid of all this is to use a small ice cube while washing your face. It will help you quickly wake up, making the skin look fresh. Some use frozen ice with chamomile as it stimulates blood circulation and improves skin tone.

Warm Up Your Vocal Cords

Did you happily sing along to the playlist yesterday? Or did you try to outshout it, telling the latest news to a friend? Or did you go out to breathe cold air a couple of times? Most probably, your voice will be hoarse the next day.

You see, shouting leads to overstrain of the vocal cords, and alcohol dries out the larynx. But it is likely that you will need to give a presentation, shoot another TikTok, or hold a zoom meeting the next day. So, you are in search of a cure.

Therefore, chamomile saves the day again. Drink tea with it to relieve sore throats. Ginger or mint tea with honey is no less helpful.

Eat Something With Fructose

Fructose helps speed up the metabolism of alcohol. That is why fruits that are high in it and other sugars, such as grapes or figs, are needed to make you feel better.

Dried apricots and prunes are rich not only in sugars but also in potassium, which stimulates rehydration. Ideally, prepare such fruit snacks before the party so you don’t waste time and energy on them the next day.

Do Some Exercise

If the next morning after the party you don’t suffer too much from a headache, don’t give up training. Moreover, you can even increase the load a little to sweat and assist the lymphatic system in removing toxins. A hot bath will also be effective, but a sauna is a bad idea. Why? Excessive sweating can lead to even more dehydration and lower blood sugar levels.

To Wrap It Up

Student years are not only fun endless parties but also a headache the next morning and feeling anxious about loads of tasks. Fortunately, there are many safe and even enjoyable methods for recovering from a party. The overall strategy is very simple: drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration, get enough sleep, eat a hearty breakfast, and don’t forget about amazing supplements like ginger or honey.

We also can’t underestimate proper preparation. After all, the main thing is that entertainment doesn’t negatively affect your academic performance. To do this, you need to keep everything under control (or almost everything, depending on your efforts).

Manage your time correctly, plan, prioritize, and think of what can go wrong. Then, your social and academic life will be well-balanced, and your health will be fine too.