One day in Pinnawala

Published: September 11, 2019

All in a day’s work

One day in Pinnawala

Pinnawala is more than the famous elephant orphanage located in the village. The surrounding area is filled to the brim with exciting experiences and the stunning nature will leave no one disappointed. If you love the outdoors, a pleasant climate and friendly people, Pinnawala is the place for you. It is also located conveniently close to bigger cities such as Colombo, where it is possible to live comfortably while making day excursions to Pinnawala, combining nature with a bit of cosmopolitism. Before planning your day trip to Pinnawala though, you will need to read up on some practicalities, such as tourist visa for Sri Lanka.

It might also be good to have some suggestions when it comes to what you are able to do and see once you arrive in the village. Once you make sure you have all your travel documentations in order, as well as some idea for a travel itinerary, there is nothing standing in your way, Sri Lanka, here you come.

Sri Lanka ETA

Almost all foreign visitors wanting to travel to Sri Lanka must apply for a tourist visa. Most will be able to apply for a Sri Lanka ETA, a Sri Lanka Electronic Travel Authorization which is an easy online application process meant to facilitate travel to the country.

Being able to apply for a Sri Lanka ETA tourist visa means no visits to embassy’s or consulate’s as well as no waiting at the border. The Sri Lanka eVisa is primarily for short-term stays and you need to read up on visa requirements before you apply. The online application process consists of you filling out some personal information as well as your passport details alongside paying for the visa. Then, once approved it will be sent to your inbox. The approval process usually takes about 24 hours.

You will need to state the reason for traveling to Sir Lanka as well as the duration of time you would like to stay as the tourist visa for Sri Lanka only allows you to stay for a period of up to 30 days. The visa is valid for up to 6 months after its date of issue. In order to make sure you have all the information you need before travelling to Sri Lanka, it's best to visit official sites online for full disclosure on rules and regulations when it comes to visa applications.

3 things you shouldn't miss when spending 1 day in Pinnawala

1. The Royal Botanical Garden - magnificent flowers will create the backdrop for your visit to this serene haven of colour and sent. It is a true feast for all your senses.

2. Tea Factory - indulge in tea from ancient plantations and marvel at the multitude of flavours at your disposal. There is tea for all occasions and it is great fun finding your own favourites.

3. Pinnawala Handicrafts Emporium - discover everything you have ever wanted to know about Sir Lankan culture by taking in the different arts and craft on display.