A Guide on the types of Lighting to fit in your Bar in 2022

All you need to know.

February 17, 2022

The lighting in a rooftop bar should be inviting and exciting, not just bright and hot. The proper lighting can make a massive difference to the atmosphere of a space, whether it’s an outdoor space or a restaurant. If you’re thinking about lighting up your rooftop bar, we’ve got a guide to help you make the right choice.

• Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are the most popular lighting style in bar interiors. They have a long history, the first being developed in the 19th century, and they’re often used as a decorative focal point. Companies like John Lewis have perfected their craft and made outstanding products including beautiful lights.

Most of these can work in different situations including at home, commercially, or even at your bar. John Lewis home lighting products are quality products that have continued to receive positive reviews and rating from their customers.

Pendant lights have a simple function, to illuminate a space. The most common pendant light in bars is the track lighting, a hanging lamp with a bulb, and a track that you can move along. This type of light is an excellent option if you plan to have a large dance floor or a big area to enjoy your drinks.

• Industrial Lighting

Industrial lighting is a great option if you’re looking for a high-tech look. It’s a style that combines modern technology with industrial design.

It’s a versatile style and can give a futuristic feel to a space or create a dramatic effect. It’s also a good option for a themed area.

• Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is a versatile style. Its design combines lighting with the ambiance of the space. It’s a trendy style and a great option if you plan to have a bar with a sophisticated look.The light in an ambient space is more subtle than in other styles. It’s an excellent option for spaces that will be used for a specific purpose, like a music venue or a club. Its style and approach to lighting can greatly blend into a rooftop bar.

Also known as general lighting, this lighting typically dominates the lighting landscape within a room. You can generally view your ambient lighting as the primary light source in your bar.

• String Lights

String lights are another popular lightning option for bars. They’re a great option if you plan to have a more modern bar approach. These lights can be used to add a dramatic effect to a space or to create a mood. They’re a great option if you plan to have a rooftop bar with a sophisticated look, but you want to keep it subtle.

• Under Ground Lighting

This type of lighting is also one you could consider trying out on your bar. It can be used to create a mood. Underground lighting is an excellent option for rooftop bars that want to make a statement. It’s a perfect option for spaces with a specific purpose, like a dancefloor or club.

• Wall Sconces

Sconces are an excellent choice if you are working with an area with a wall. These lights can serve as dual-purpose units since they are a light source and decorations. They are a great option when you plan to make your rooftop bar have a more sophisticated and thought-out look. Since they are relatively on the dimmer side, they can also create a relaxed and calm atmosphere for your clients.

• Chandeliers

These lights are beautiful in their way of improving the whole look of your bar. Some units can also be used as decoration pieces. Chandeliers are a great option if you plan to have a rooftop bar that has a high-end look.

• Stained Glass Lamps

According to some, stained lamp lighting is not necessarily a category on its own since it can be classified as a wall sconce or a ceiling light. However, here we categorize this type of lighting on its own to give you a variety from which to choose.

This type of lighting can create a relaxing atmosphere. Stained glass lamps are perfect for a rooftop bar with a tranquil and luxurious atmosphere. They are one of the most effective ways to improve the ambiance of a rooftop bar.

• Cove lighting

Cove lighting can mostly be linked to ambient lighting. While they fall under different principles of lighting, they can easily be mistaken for one another by the untrained eye. However, it would help if you understood that ambient is direct lighting while cove lighting is indirect. Light sources are built into recesses and ledges either in the ceiling or on high wall points.

• Step Lighting

If your rooftop bar has a few flights of stairs, which most of them do, you should consider investing in good step lighting. This lighting technique is an effective way to make the area seem more inviting. The light will be indirect, coming from the recesses in the stairs. This lighting design is a great way to create a mood in your bar.

Quick Lighting Tips

• It would help if you used your lighting of choice to accentuate the beauty and design of your bar. If you find difficult to install Blue Bird chandelier installations are a great option

• It would be best if you used lighting uniquely to provide a particular atmosphere

• Ensure the type of lighting you choose acts as an attraction point.