6 Instagram-Worthy Design Ideas That'll Totally Transform Your Rooftop

Creative, interesting and innovative ideas.

August, 2021

When you are thinking of home design, you aren’t always thinking about your roofing. However, because few homeowners don’t think about this aspect of their house or property, this can mean a great opportunity for you to get creative and develop some interesting and innovative ideas for your home improvement. Consider some of these ideas when you are trying to transform your rooftop to be worthy of sharing as your next social media post.

Solar Panels

If you are looking for different ways that you can design your rooftop, consider the addition of solar panels. Although this would not present your home in an aesthetically pleasing way, it will provide you the functionality and a substantial way to impact the environment positively. If your roof does not have other deterrents from the sunlight such as shade from trees or other buildings, the efficiency of the panels to capture and store energy will be greater. The initial cost of such panels may be expensive, but the long-term effects could be substantially beneficial not only to you financially but also environmentally. If you are moved by green initiatives, consider these additions to any home as a means to transform your house in an impactful way. At the end of the day, who doesn’t love sharing their green living ways and environmental initiatives on social media.

Rooftop Patio Or Balcony Space

If you own a house or home that provides rooftop access, one way to transform it is with a rooftop patio design or balcony. Designers and creatives from Dwell44 understand how these options provide you the luxury of added space to entertain guests, with plenty of room and flexibility to think as outside the box with your space as possible. Consider the lighting you use, the furniture that you add, how many people you want to host up there, and the types of events or gatherings you host among a plethora of different factors that will impact how you furnish your rooftop patio. With a beautifully decorated rooftop space, your friends will not hesitate to share your patio with others on their social accounts, and neither should you.

Green Space

Your rooftop does not need to be decorated with other people in mind. If you have the space to furnish it or decorate it, you can also choose to take a different route when it comes to exterior designs. One way that you can transform your rooftop is to create a garden on top of your home. This will provide you with a variety of different benefits. Like any garden addition to your home, you can enjoy the fruits of your labor literally, if you install and work on a fruit and vegetable garden on your roof. Even installing a flower garden will provide you a serene environment to escape to, regardless of whether you live in a house that has plenty of space, or even an apartment with rooftop access, and want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city noise.

Hanging Lights

Regardless of whether you own a house or townhouse that has rooftop access, or you are looking for ways to spruce up your patio balcony, or porch roof beneath, hanging lights on the underside of your roof is a great design choice to create something shareable on any social media platform. With these designs, you get the functionality of illuminating your space for relaxing or gathering with friends and family, as well as the ability to save space. This is extremely useful when you consider that not all homes have the same real estate to work with, and some spaces, especially apartment complexes that offer limited balcony space, need to maximize what they have. Additionally, there is something uniquely pleasant about hanging string lights on any outdoor space that makes it feel fantastical or add a sense of whimsy. When you are decorating or designing your different roofs, especially patio and gazebo areas, consider this simple addition to benefit you in multiple ways.

Porch And Patio Extensions

If you own a house with some property to work with, you might be thinking about some renovations to add value as well as functionality to your home. One popular addition many homeowners make is extending their homes outward to include a patio space to host gatherings of friends and family. It is common to first prioritize the structure of your porch or patio, leaving the roof portion as an afterthought. However, it is important that you consider this as this addition can easily look out of place if you do not think carefully. You want to decide if the roof will match the rest of your house, or if it will stand apart in its build and design. You can choose to match material or go with something completely different. Evaluate your needs, the functionality that is necessary for your structures and your extension, as well as the visual component, to design a roof that cooperates with your renovation.

Slatted Designs

If you are looking to build a patio or outdoor living space and are looking for ideas of how to create a roof that is unique and beautiful, consider a slatted design. This is perfect for warmer weather and climates, as it will allow for ample airflow, as well as allowing heat to dissipate upwards as opposed to being constrained within your structure. This type of roof will provide sufficient protection from the sun, but the slats may not be ideal for protection against rain or snow, so be sure to keep that in mind. Additionally, these slats allow for creative additions in terms of decor, such as lighting and even greenery such as vines. These can help create yet another unique aesthetic that provides a certain atmosphere to your outdoor living space.

Home design should explore creative avenues that not everyone considers. Being creative and innovative will allow you to stand out from the rest of the world and what others are doing with their home renovations. Incorporating the right designs into your home will have you trending in no time.