How Creative Writers Can Find The Inspiration They Need By Visiting Their Local Rooftop Bar

Published: December 13, 2018
Rooftop inspiration

Have you ever read any memoirs of famous writers? Let us take Hemingway; in his book A Moveable Feast, he elaborates on how Paris has inspired him to write his best novels. When one reads it, a picture of him sitting in a Parisian cafe and making notes in his head will set in your mind.

Cafes and bars have always had an enormous influence on a writer's life. Now given a thought, you would realize that cafes and creativity have always been paired together. But back then in the 20s, a cafe would have a quirky menu for alcohol.

Today, bars and cafes are very distinct, and even then, the tiny cafes might seem like a good place to write but not always to find inspiration. And there enter Rooftop Bars.

With all the fresh air and glorious views of the sky, any rooftop bar would be refreshing to anyone. Now, you cannot look for a better place where things happen in the most unexpected moments.

Why a Rooftop Bar?

So why not a cafe? Because alcohol has the capabilities to make people more honest. Combine it with the beauty offered by a rooftop bar, and you might get a sudden idea for a character outline or even a plot twist.

If you been cozying up in your room writing for the entire day, then you definitely need a breath of fresh air by the evening. If there is a local rooftop bar, by the time night falls, it would be where all the interesting conversations happen.

What and Where can you expect to Find this Inspiration?

Imagine yourself entering the quiet floor of a rooftop bar in one of those breezy nights. There are a few lights, a few candles flickering and you here murmurs, more like whispers of people talking all around you. They all seem immersed in their conversations, not giving a care about anything else.

Then, in one corner, tucked away from all the buzz, you find someone standing alone, looking across the sky with a drink in the glass. He seems a little lost, like his mind is somewhere else. You have this strong urge to ask him what is wrong.

You notice what he is wearing, what he is drinking and how he is even holding the drink.

And there, you start creating stories in your head about from where he could be, his job, his family, whom he is waiting for and such. Before you know it, you are looking for a pen and paper to keep up with your thoughts.

Now, if that doesn't sound like inspiration, what does?

Of course, it is not always going to be like this. At times, you might be whisked away by the whiff of perfume, a serious handshake between friends, an overheard dialogue, or even the unhappy face of a waiter that could arouse curiosity which could turn into an exciting plot.

The biggest struggle for literature students is to find inspiration when needed. There are desperate times when there is nothing happening around or you are unable to find exactly what you need. And as students, it is not always that you can afford to drink in a rooftop bar or have the liberty to take the time you need.

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Final Takeaway

With the appeal of rooftop bars climbing up the charts, even business deals get fixed there with the sky as the witness. When it is a local bar, there is a certain acknowledgment and understanding among the daily visitors that goes unsaid. And who knows, a smooth drink, the night azure, and good music might be just what you need to spark your inspiration.