Guide to the Top Rooftop Bars in Europe

A great mix.

November 27, 2020

Europe is a diverse continent with equally diverse lifestyles stretching its borders. From the harsh cold and sombre life in the Atlantic to the north to the leisurely Mediterranean in the south. However, what unites all of Europe, besides its rich history, is its love for food and bohemia.

The laid-back exchange of ideas, stories, and conversation over a shared meal with a spectacular view of the city has made Europe home to a wide range of world-class rooftop bars/restaurants.

Here is your guide to the crème de la crème of the best rooftop bars in Europe.

Frank’s Café (London)

Don’t let the unassuming location of Frank’s Café, sitting atop of an unglamorous multi-storey car park, fool you. Peckham’s humble Frank’s Café has, since its launch in 2009, achieved cult status over the years. A summer-only bar, Frank’s heralds the coming of summer for most Londoners. A chance to escape the heat of the city with a pint while the grand city’s skyline serves as a backdrop.

Famous for their art installations from eminent artists, Frank’s Café is the classical definition of an avant-garde dining experience. Enjoy a glass of ‘Old Fashioned’ while appreciating an installation by Jeremy Deller.

Monkey Bar (Berlin)

The German capital, Berlin, offers some of the best rooftop bars in Europe. Amongst the prolific list is the Monkey Bar, buzzing with the exuberance of live music and sumptuous food. Cosy and vibrant, the Monkey Bar is famous for its signature cocktails and creative cuisine. The unassailable panoramic views of the Berlin Zoo alone make the rooftop bar worth the price one might pay for a Berlin Pass which will then allow you to travel around Berlin for the rest of the week without worrying about not being able to get anywhere because you’ve spent all your money on the first night of Monkey Bar madness.

Petersen svítan í Gamla Bíó (Reykjavik)

Though the name alone is quite a mouthful, the Peterson Suite, situated on the third floor of the historic cinema hall Gamla Bíó is a must-visit if you are in Iceland. With its 360° views of the capital city, Reykjavik, this rooftop bar is a favourite amongst people from every age group. Live music, delicious food, and bottles of the best Vodka, a Viking could ask for, Petersen svítan í Gamla Bíó has it all.

Ceresio 7 (Milan)

Famous for its love for football, fashion, and food, Milan is a city that takes its sensual pleasures seriously. Ceresio 7, situated comfortably in the Garibaldi district, is the perfect embodiment of all the delights that Milan has to offer. With its panoramic views of the city, state-of-the-art décor, and classic Italian cuisine, Ceresio 7 is the gold standard for rooftop bars in Milan. Enjoy a modern mixology cocktail against the majestic Italian skyline, perfect after a day privately touring Milan to consume the cities rich history and culture.

Spago Istanbul (Istanbul)

Perched atop the prestigious St. Regis Istanbul, in the Nişantaşı district, the Spago Istanbul is the perfect combination of Western modernity and Eastern traditions. Much like the city of Istanbul, this rooftop bar has something for everyone. From the awe-inspiring views of the Bosphoren and the Maçka Democracy Park to the opulent delicacies created by the legendary chef Wolfgang Puck. Enjoy a dish that seamlessly fuses Asian, Italian, and American influences with a glass of some of the finest champagne Europe has to offer.