Guide to the Top Rooftop Bars in Croatia

A great mix.

November 27, 2020

The beautiful Balkan country of Croatia has a wealth of beaches and natural landscapes. Besides, it has an amazing share of historic ruins and palaces and gardens attracting tourists from the world over. But the great collection of rooftop bars in Croatia to help you make the stay even more memorable. So, let’s go through the best five rooftop bars in Croatia that are a must-visit during your trip.

Dubrovnik - Buža Bars

Buža Bars offers the right dose of thrill as it sits on the cliff edge, with the chairs and tables arranged in sync with the natural rocks. To get to these bars, one has to traverse narrow passages, but they open up to a series of terraces that together serve as one of the best rooftop bars in the world. The Sunset Lounge in Lapad and the 360º are other two explore worthy bars of the old town. The best thing to do in Croatia after exploring its rooftop bars is to take a luxury Dubrovnik cruise to Split , another amazing Croatian paradise.

Split - Vidilica

On reaching Split, another Croatian city on the Adriatic Sea shoreline, you may want to rent a beautiful Splicani villa for making the most of your stay and to have somewhere relaxing to strumble back to after you’re Croatian rooftop bar adventure. And whilst you stay here don't forget to cross the diverse stepped lanes to the peninsula-topping bar called Vidilica in the city. Besides, the Caffè Libar, though sits only on the first floor, offers splendid views of the city streets. It also features two large screens for sports and movie enthusiasts.


The capital city of Zagreb has a decent number of rooftop bars with pleasant views of the city. Rooftop Lateral is located in one of the tallest buildings in the city and hence offers unparalleled views. At the same time, Caffe de Matoš is known for live music during festivities and quickly becomes a celebration hub. Pod Gričkim Topom is another amazing Croatian rooftop bar that is known for its leafy terrace vibes for quiet evenings. However, it's the Zagreb Eye viewpoint bar that truly stands out as it offers panoramic views of Zagreb, sitting atop a skyscraper.

Rijeka - Sky Bar

The Sky bar in Rijeka sits atop Korzo 11, with panoramic views of the city. However, Friday is the best day to be here, as all Friday’s are concert nights, and you can appease your ears to good music. Besides, you can also splurge on sumptuous drinks like the coffee Franck Stretto, fresh fruit smoothies and cocktails. Karolina, Filodrammatica Bookshop Café, Kosi Toranj and Nad Urom are some other rooftop bars in Rijeka.

Zadar - The Garden

Zadar is one of the oldest cities in the European continent with plenty of Roman and Venetian ruins. And what’s better to have a panoramic view of the rooftop bars like the Garden with cosy cabanas and relaxing lounges in place. While Caffè Bar Zoilo is meant for late-night chit chat, Q Bar is known for its rock gigs. Café Brazil has a beautiful gravel terrace, and you'll love splurging on ice cream here, especially if you visit in summers.