Green Rooftop Design Inspirations You'll Want For Your Home

Alternative ideas.

August, 2021

Renovating and designing a home requires thought and work to be put into a variety of different means. One important consideration to make is how you want to upgrade or change your current roof situation. Most roofs are made traditionally functional, protecting your home and maintaining structural integrity. However, there are designs that you can explore that take design to another level. Here are some alternative design ideas to inspire you to create a green rooftop for your home.

Rooftop Garden

When you are looking for ideas to create different rooftop designs, consider the concept of a garden. Typically, gardens are built in your yards as opposed to your roof. However, having a garden built on the roof provides different benefits that you may not consider. Sunlight is needed when you grow anything, from plants and flowers to food in the form of different fruits and vegetables. When you have your garden in your yard, you may not be providing optimal sunlight, as it can be blocked out by trees and even your own home. Building a garden on your roof ensures that you get sunlight throughout the day, regardless of where it is positioned. Other benefits include the impact it will have on your home. Having a layer for gardening on top of your home means an extra layer of insulation, meaning you lose less heat from your home, keeping your heating bills low. During the summer, having a garden space on your roof will prevent your home from excessively heating up as well. This will translate to lower energy used and the cost of heating and cooling your home. If you are looking for a way to create a green rooftop design, a great starting point, and a major renovation idea would be a garden rooftop to create the centerpiece of your space.


If you would like to take your gardening one step further, consider creating or building a greenhouse atop your roof. The great benefit of a greenhouse is that you can grow your garden, flowers, or crops all year round, regardless of the surrounding environment you live in. A greenhouse that is properly outfitted will allow you to keep the temperatures optimal for growing different crops and plants. If you have a green thumb and consider gardening as a hobby that brings you a great deal of joy, you will want a space to garden uninterrupted. Adding a greenhouse onto your roof, you will even be able to work in it through the fall and winter months.

A Gabion Fence or Wall

A gabion is an architectural structure that is created by wires that form a mesh cage that will create an exterior to hold material inside. Often, the materials within these gabion casings are typically stones and rocks. Once you have installed the material inside the mesh cage, it will provide a sturdy structure for you. A Gabion Wall has functional purposes of needing different basic structures, whether that was for farm use or military use. However, this design can also be used in modern design in a decorative fashion, providing a minimalistic take on different design purposes in a variety of different spaces. The benefit of utilizing a gabion for your rooftop designs is that it can be done in a do-it-yourself fashion, as creating the wall is not difficult. You can also incorporate natural design within these walls and structures, adding green shrubbery, vines, wall plants, and vegetation to create a forest vibe and green aesthetic. Having this structure on your rooftop space means that it will easily fit with the surroundings and appear more natural to the exterior of your home, creating a seamless visual experience as you go from inside to your outdoor rooftop space.

Solar Energy Panels

If you are looking for green rooftop designs, look no further than the addition of solar panels to your home. They may not be the most visually desirable additions, but they will be the most environmentally friendly and forward-thinking of your potential design choices. In most cases, solar panels take up a considerable amount of space as they are rather large installations. You would want to consider how much space you have on your rooftop, and depending on the space available, dedicate a portion of it to your panels. This allows you to save and use solar energy to provide your home power and electricity, helping you reduce your carbon footprint and saving money at the same time. Although not the aesthetic choice, this will benefit your home financially in the long run. If you want to make your home more green in a figurative fashion, solar panels will progress your home towards being more environmentally friendly.

Sitting or Entertaining Area

A rooftop patio is another design option to consider when you are looking for innovative ideas for your home and roof. Having a patio and rooftop access for your home takes the idea of a balcony to another level. You provide yourself greater views that you will be able to appreciate. This is even more impressive if the setting of your home is somewhere exotic, where you can see the beach or mountains from your outdoor space. If you have the room to expand your decor choices, consider adding furniture, a grill or barbecue, or even a bar to host parties and gatherings for you and your loved ones. Of course, you still want to maintain this area to be green, so be sure to add plenty of plants and shrubbery to provide the atmosphere of a getaway, even if your home is in the middle of a bustling city. When you are looking at your options to furnish this space, consider prioritizing stone and wood materials. This will provide a more natural feel to your rooftop that will emulate the green mindset you are striving for.

Creating a unique rooftop can be cumbersome and difficult, especially when you want to stand out but also think environmentally progressive. However, if you have an open mind for creative thinking, there are many ways to incorporate green ideas into your home’s exterior.