How is cafe furniture different from restaurant furniture?

All you need to know.

July 28, 2020

Furniture is furniture, but all furniture is not the same in its application as evident from the furniture used in restaurants and cafes. Chairs, tables, and stools are the types of furniture used across restaurants, bistros, cafes, and gastropubs but each type has some special features or design elements that make it typically suited for the setting. For example, you would find high stools in plenty in gastropubs, but you will never see these in restaurants. Although there is no clear distinction between the main types of foodservice establishments, the furniture selection is indeed quite different that meets customer expectations.

Like horses are for courses, furniture for different settings is also different as evident from the offering of Cafe Furniture Melbourne that would rarely suit a restaurant setting.

How is café furniture different from restaurant furniture?

Furniture helps in creating the right ambience of a restaurant or café by matching the tone and theme of the interior décor of the place. From the functional perspective, there is hardly any difference between the furniture used in café and those used in restaurants. Surely it makes a lot of difference in the kind of experience it offers to customers. Furniture helps to set the mood of the place as evident from the café furniture. It creates a casual setting while the restaurant furniture assumes a more formal look and appeal.

Traits of café furniture

The time that people spend in restaurants is much longer than they do in cafes. A visit to a café may last for an hour at the most because customers take a brief stopover to refresh and rejuvenate over some snacks and beverages before catching up with their activities once again. They never expect to sink into an upholstered chair while preparing to spend a long time, nor do they think about stretching out at an expansive linen-covered table. Instead, they want momentary relief and would not mind sitting leisurely on comfortable wooden or plastic chairs. Therefore, café furniture is lightweight and often portable with bright, modern style and design, and it is common to see wooden bistro chairs and old-style bentwood chairs in cafes that do not have any place in restaurants.

Café tables are smaller than restaurant tables with hard surfaces and may have metal frames seen in the modern styles, while stools are excellent for allowing customers to sit in clusters.

Traits of restaurant furniture

Restaurants offer a different kind of hospitality to its customers who expect to be looked after well, which could even mean pampering. Customers are made to feel special in every possible way from the time the staff welcomes them to the extent of comfort they derive from sitting while dining. The furniture plays a major role as the chairs and tables convey a message that subtly tells that it is more than having a meal because it is an event to celebrate. High back upholstered chairs in leather or attractive fabric makes a serious statement while ensuring complete comfort for customers for many hours.

Café furniture is less expensive than restaurant furniture that can even last a lifetime.