Experience Your Holiday the Jakarta Way

Published: May 20, 2019

They say you have not lived until you have been to Jakarta. If you ever plan a visit to Indonesia, do not leave until you have experienced Jakarta. Honeymooners have a chance to choose Jakarta as their honeymoon destination.

This city has everything to offer from adventure to incredible cultural experiences. There is so much you can take away from Jakarta. It is a dynamic city and recognized as one of the world’s greatest megalopolises.

If you want to experience the amazing Jakarta, you may need to overlook the crowds and infuriating traffic jams for which this beautiful city is famed. As they say, do not judge a book by its cover. Turn the pages and discover the mysteries hidden within. Book your Ayana Hotel Indonesia Jakarta and fly off to your adventure.

Unearth the Hidden Surprises in Jakarta

All the noise, pollution and traffic jams aside, there are plenty of amazing experiences that await you. The locals are hospitable and incredibly (for a city as populated as Jakarta), crime is not very common.

In addition, it is a vibrant city full of life, culture and great food. To have your honeymoon here is to experience all this and more. Furthermore, you can spend a few days in the city and then go on to explore other parts of the archipelago.

Here are a few reasons why you should put Jakarta down as your number one preferred honeymoon destination.


You will not have a better shopping experience in South East Asia than in Indonesia’s Jakarta. The city has myriads of gigantic malls that you can lose yourself in. The malls are nothing like you have experienced in your regular malls. They are huge and extravagant. Some of them have additional features such as:

• Apartments on top

• Karaoke bars

• Indoor cafés

• Billiard lounges

• Restaurants

The malls are numerous and new ones come up every year. A Jakarta honeymoon ensures that you have lots of places you can visit to buy your souvenirs.

Indonesian Cuisine

Jakarta offers you food not only from across the archipelago but also from all over the world. When you travel to foreign lands, one of the must-try things is the local cuisine. There are all sorts of places where you can get to enjoy the best quality Indonesian food including the markets and the streets.

There are at least thirty-three provinces in Indonesia. Each province has its own specialty cuisine. Visitors therefore have a lot of Indonesian food to sample. Additionally, you can access cooking classes and learn to cook your favorite Indonesian foods to expand your menu at home.

The Incredible Weather

You can pack up your jackets and heavy woolly sweaters and load up on light clothing for Indonesia’s agreeable weather. You want to enjoy long sunny days exploring the city in your sandals or splashing around in the ocean because the weather allows it.

The country enjoys warm tropical weather all year round. Even the rainy season (October-May) does not come with the chills you may be accustomed to. There are only two seasons to be concerned about in Jakarta: the wet and the dry.

The dry season (June-September) is the best time to travel because the humidity is lower and traveling is easier. The less popular wet season is however off-peak which means there are fewer visitors in the city.

Furthermore, it does not rain every day. You will still enjoy many sunny days to go for your outdoor adventures such as trekking and white water rafting. The rainy days are perfect for indoor activities such as visiting museums and checking out the many cultural attractions around the city.

The Nightlife

Jakarta is famous for its nightlife. There are thousands of nightspots each competing with the next one to be bigger and better. Consequently, these spots pull the biggest acts from all over the world. You could run into your favorite celebrity in one of the clubs.

Many of the tourists prefer to visit other islands such as Bali. There are therefore few foreigners in these nightspots. You will be able to experience the hospitality and warmth of the locals with your loved one as you enjoy what the Jakarta nightlife has to offer.


If you have never given Jakarta a passing thought as a honeymoon destination, it is time you did. There is a lot to see, do and experience in the city. It is intriguing to watch how the locals deal with the discomforts of traffic jams and pollution as well as getting to enjoy a culture that is completely different from yours.