Croatia’s Top Rooftop Bars You Want To Try

From Dubrovnik to Hvar.

February 14, 2019

Even a really tangy wine can end up tasting really sweet if there is a spectacular panoramic that accompanies it. Croatia is renowned for the numerous incredible coast cities that are serviced by sailing yacht charters and similar, with Hvar and Dubrovnik being great examples.

In so many of these popular travel destination cities you can visit some incredible rooftop bars that are simply incredible. This does include the following really interesting ones you do want to visit if in the area.

Buza I – Dubrovnik

Buza Bar is a highly thrilling offering in Dubrovnik, one that is perfectly located right on the edge of a cliff. In order to get to it, you need to go through a tight space that eventually opens right out into a terrace with many storreys. Chairs and tables are elegantly arranged based on the natural rock arrangement. This makes everything sublime.

You can sip cool drinks right under the sun as you view the Lokrum island and you experience Southern Dalmatia’s moody hills.

Zagreb Eye Viewpoint Bar

Just as the name implies, this bar is put right on top of a landmark skyscraper located close to the main square of the city. It thus stands out as one of the city’s highest points. If you love photographs, you want to have the camera with you since the vantage point offers 360 degrees views. Binoculars are available if you just want to marvel a little.

Once at the bar, you can enjoy free WiFi so it is easy to post on Instagram. The Zagreb Eye is open 24/7 and features so many great drinks you can enjoy.

Banje Beach – Dubrovnik

This is a bar-restaurant that quickly transforms into a nightclub as the sun is going down. The rooftop bar is now a hugely popular part of the city, with celebrities often being sighted. What is interesting is that this bar also has a private sandy beach. You can be there to see the ocean and views cover miles. Banje Beach stays open late during the night, usually until 3 AM.

Adriana Top Bar – Hvar

If you rented a yacht charter or you own a yacht, this is a great place to stay and admire numerous yachts from the top. The bar is swanky and looks right over Hvar’s old city, the boat-lined shore and the Paklinksi islands. Adriana Top Bar features sharp design and cool blue lighting, offering a truly chilled sophistication.

Sunset Lounge – Lapad

This great rooftop bar is located in Hotel Dubrovnik Palace, a tremendous five stars hotel. Everything is classy and you can easily expect to see piano players setting a truly romantic ambiance during evenings. Enjoy that as you sip on some great wine or a cocktail that is simply perfection. Just as the name implies, the very best part of the bar is offered by the panoramic views.

If the day is clear, Mljet Island can be seen in the distance. The views are definitely incredible and you do want to snap photographs.