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Published: August 4, 2016

Take advantage of the benefits of staying at a hotel with a rooftop bar. With us you can book a room at the best price on hotels with rooftop bars:

The benefits of staying at a hotel with a rooftop bar are many. The hotel guests have access to all the rooftops amenities. Swimming pool, entrance to the nightclub, table booking, etc. If you’re looking for the ultimate hotel experience, be sure to book a hotel equipped with a rooftop bar.

At The Rooftop Guide you will find the world's best rooftop bars, where the vast majority are located at a hotel. On each unique rooftop bar located in a hotel, you can fast and easily book the hotel at the best price through the world's two largest booking sites – and

A nice roof bar can turn a mediocre hotel into a real gem. To come up at high altitude and gaze out over the city, the countryside or the sea is among the most harmonious things one can do. And at the same time be able to eat and drink something good along with this, is really the icing on the cake. We have stayed at lots of hotels with totally magical rooftops and all these visits have been absolutely amazing and unforgettable.

Rooftop bar hotel
Super view over Barcelona from the hotel Ohla Barcelona.

The vast majority of the luxury hotels usually have a rooftop bar. And it is not unusual at these hotels that the rooftop bars are equipped with top restaurants. In some cases even Michelin restaurants.

If you stay at the hotel which has a rooftop bar, you are often given precedence to table reservations and things like that. Just the feeling to be able to step out of the hotel room and just take the elevator up to a magnificent view from the rooftop bar is really nice.

Rooftop bar hotel
Fantastic rooftop restaurant at JW Marriott in Cannes.

Another big plus of staying at a hotel that is equipped with a rooftop bar and rooftop pool is that you always have access to the rooftop swimming pool. Just rooftop swimming pools tend to be only available to hotel guests. As a hotel guest you then have an incredible advantage of being able to hang out at the rooftop pool the days that are warm and lovely. Perfect in big cities when it's too hot to walk around town and shop.

How wonderful isn’t it to hang over an infinity pool overlooking the city with a drink in hand? Or how about lying in a sun lounger or couch and read a book while nibbling on some tasty snacks from the rooftop bar restaurant.

Rooftop bar hotel
The infinity pool at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. Only available for the hotels guests.

For those who like nice and memorable pictures, a rooftop bar is the perfect place for this. Photos with a grand and sweeping view with a drink in your hand or lying on an air mattress in a rooftop pool is a guaranteed like rocket on social media. Treat yourself to the best of your holiday. That's what traveling and vacation is all about. To acquire unforgettable memories, pictures and experiences.