Best Things to Do in Port Charlotte, Florida

All you need to know.

January, 2023

Just one hour and 30 minutes away from St. Petersburg is the stunning city of Port Charlotte, located on the west side of Florida. Its charming atmosphere and view of the Gulf of Mexico shoreline are just two of the many things that attract people to this destination. There is just something special about this small city, and you might fall head over heels and make it home.

You can easily find reasonably priced condos for sale Port Charlotte as a city is also a relatively affordable place to live. Imagine waking up to warm weather and having the ocean as your backyard.

And how about the opportunity to watch beautiful sunsets straight from your window? Port Charlotte has a lot to offer, and it is for this reason that we have taken the time to gather some of the fun things you can do during your stay in this amazing city. Let’s dig in.

1. Visit the Bayshore Live Oak Park

The city’s pride is the Bayshore Live Oak Park, which offers serene views and amazing strolling trails for the people there. The park has plenty of seats that you can rest on as you enjoy the view of runners, walkers, and kite surfers who also come to the park to enjoy the view. This recreational spot is also conducive for family picnics.

It has beautiful picnic benches where you can set up and share a wonderful meal with family and friends while enjoying stunning orange hues from the sunset. Apart from enjoying the relaxing views, walking along the coastline trails during sunsets is also another fun activity you wouldn’t want to miss.

2. Enjoy scenic views at Charlotte Harbor Preserve State Park

If you enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, bird watching, kayaking, or boating, then this is the place to be. The park is composed of more than 100 miles of shoreline, and it is marked as one of the three largest state parks in the state of Florida.

Visitors can enjoy the above activities and observe wild animals inside the park’s mangrove forests, scrub vegetation, and wetlands. Tourists are welcome to enjoy all the areas of the park but should be careful when visiting areas with dangerous wildlife, such as alligators, which are common in this recreational site.

3. Explore North Charlotte Regional Park

This is another fantastic park in Port Charlotte that you ought to visit. The park offers plenty of fun activities that will keep your family entertained throughout your visit. One of its most scenic views is the lake located at the heart of the park and the vast green trees spread all over.

If you want to enjoy family evening walks, the location offers nice and clean walking trails. It is also a welcoming spot for people who love sports, as it offers well-built fields for baseball, soccer, and softball. The park also has a section designated for kids to play and enjoy their day.

4. Visit Port Charlotte Beach Park

Visiting Port Charlotte Beach Park is another fulfilling activity you can do while in Port Charlotte. This recreational location offers tons of fun things to do, including kayaking, canoeing, and fishing. The beach park is composed of 4 miles of sandy shores and amazing wildlife, such as dolphins, that you will absolutely enjoy watching.

The place is great for basking in the sun and later cooling off in the sparkling gulf waters. It also offers various amenities, such as lodging, a summer food service program, canoe rentals, and grills ideal for cooking seafood. Moreover, the park is surrounded by other attractions such as the Peace River, the Peace River Wildlife Center, and Ponce de Leon Park, which are just a few miles away.

5. Spend time at Gasparilla Island State park

This island is definitely worth a visit, and it is only a half-hour drive from Port Charlotte. Located on the south side of Boca Grande, Gasparilla Island Park has a lot of activities available for you to enjoy, including, swimming, picnics, shelling, fishing, and witnessing the historic lighthouse museum of Port Boca Grande.

The park spans over 127 acres and comprises various shops, restaurants, and wildlife sites that will leave you wanting to go back. The island also offers beautiful beaches with sparkling green-blue waters. You can decide to stroll along the beach, take a dive, or collect beautiful shells for your collection.

Final thoughts

If you are planning to visit Port Charlotte, you better plan for a longer stay. There is no way you can explore all the recreational sites in this city in just a couple of days. There are just so many activities to do and so many places to visit, from parks to beaches, eateries, sports centers, and more. Consider all these things when planning your next visit to Port Charlotte, Florida.