The Biggest and Best Sea Views of the Bahamas

Published: February 20, 2019
Bahamas views
Photo by Bryce Edwards / CC BY 2.0

If you’re lucky enough to jet off to the Bahamas, you must make space in your stay for these bars. All of them have staggering sea views that will have you wishing you could stay forever.

Of course, if you’re in a place as naturally beautiful as the Bahamas, it makes sense to capitalize on the views, expect perfect white sands, picturesque palm trees and beautiful clear sea, an excellent destination for some winter sunshine.

The Atlantis Resort

The Atlantis Resort is a real slice of paradise, which recently attracted media attention for the $5.1 million win by PSPC champion Ramón Colillas. As well as it’s a world-famous casino, the Atlantis boasts plenty of bars, but our favorite is The Beach Bar. This cute, covered terrace sits on top of white sands and looks out onto the seemingly endless Atlantic Ocean.

Here, they serve traditional Bahamian drinks, and for those with a sweet tooth, don’t forget to try a “Sky Juice,” a soothing blend of gin, coconut water and condensed milk. If you prefer something a little less overpowering, try a “Yellow Bird” instead, a refreshing combination of rum and citrus juice.

As well as The Beach Bar, the Atlantis Resort has another sea view that’s possibly unlike any you’ve seen before. The lagoon bar juts out into the Predator Lagoon, so named because of its unusual inhabitants. You can enjoy a drink (and dinner if you’d like) while watching sharks swim by in the crystal-clear waters. This place is well and truly unforgettable.

Bahamas views
Photo: by Tambako / CC BY ND 2.0 Caption: Sea life at the Atlantis Resort.

The Ocean Club Resort

The Ocean Club Resort is the home of The Dune Bar, a slick and modern, open-air bar with a staggering view of the ocean. As well as the usual suspects, The Dune Bar offers a selection of Bahamian cocktails prepared in front of you by some of the best bartenders the Bahamas has to offer.

This place is a brilliant sunset watching spot, perhaps best enjoyed with a cold drink and a little something from the food menu. The chef has created a simple and fresh menu here, with the option for something casual or unique if you’d prefer. If you’re pushing the boat out, try the lobster, it is masterful!

Two Dollar Bar

Yes, you read that right, two dollars! Drinks here are ridiculously reasonably priced and not at the expense of quality. Located on the Grand Bahama, this place is a firm favorite among locals, and it’s not hard to see why. The food here, high quality with no frills but freshly cooked, but be sure to try the fish sandwich and the conch.

Perry is the owner here, and his Monday night Perry-oke (karaoke) has an excellent atmosphere always full of people carrying on until late in the evening.

Nipper’s Beach Bar & Grill

Nipper’s is something of a one-stop shop. You could while away a day here quite happily. As well as its situation on a gorgeous white sandy beach, Nipper’s also has not only one but two huge swimming pool for guests. If you feel like a dip in the sea, this spot is especially good for snorkeling, as its right by the third-largest coral reef in the world.

If you’re feeling peckish after your swim, the weekday menu here is pretty good, but the can’t-miss meal is the famous Sunday Pig Roast. Of course, the drinks here are great and not too pricey, but it’s also good to know that they stay open late and have a generous dance floor so that you can spend morning through night in the one place.

Rum Runners

As the name suggests, Rum Runners is all about rum. They’ve got a wide selection of top-notch rum, so if that’s your thing, this is the bar for you. Anything coconut flavored is also a safe bet here, and they’ve made something of a name for themselves off the back of it.

The bar has an indoors and outdoors so that you can feel the sand between your toes while having a drink. And though the food menu is basic, it is also tasty, with the grouper fingers a proper comfort food. However, the real draw here is the live music, which kicks off at night, bringing the bar to life.

The Tiki Bikini Hut

This bar is adorable! Situated on Junkanoo Beach, it is worth making the journey here. Everyone, staff and patrons alike, are friendly and welcoming so that you’re bound to leave with new friends. The drink deals are a real steal, but the food is what makes this place special.

There’s a slight Jamaican influence on the menu, which works quite well: for the carnivores, the jerk ribs and the curried chicken is delicious, and for something a little lighter, the fried mahi-mahi is perfect. Music is always playing here with steel pan players during the week and local jazz and calypso singers at the weekend.