Best Rooftop Swimming Pools in Asia

Spectacular pools and views.

May, 2020

Hotels that have swimming pools are fantastic, but the best holidays are those spent in the rooftop pool of a swanky hotel. In many popular Asian destinations, these pools are in just the perfect location to overlook majestic city skylines or remote jungle canopies.

Asia rooftop pools

Here are some of the most spectacular rooftop swimming pools in Asia where you can sit back and enjoy beautiful views.

Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands is considered not only one of the best luxury hotels in Singapore, but one of the best in Asia and the rest of the world. At the peak of the three 55-floor towers of this exquisite hotel is the world-renowned Sands SkyPark, which features the rooftop infinity pool. The hotel features the world’s largest infinity pool, which is also 57 levels above the whole city.

The rooftop infinity pool is considered the precious jewel of the Marina Bay Sands. More than just a swimming spot, this is where you can sit with a champagne glass in your hand, watching the sunset in an area where the sky and water seem to blend.

The rooftop experience can be accessed from six in the morning to eleven in the evening. Thus it is highly recommended to observe central Singapore at its golden hour during sunrise or sunset. To obtain access, you should be a registered hotel guest. Thus, if you want to experience the view from the water, you would need to book for a room in the hotel itself.

Topas Ecolodge

Located in the northern mountains of Sapa, Vietnam, Topas Ecolodge has a large rooftop pool that is eco-friendly and well-heated. The rooftop infinity pool features majestic views of hills and valleys. Families can enjoy a sailing trip outside the hotel with a designated segment for children and a massaging private jet spa. One of the views that the pool overlooks is the Love Waterfall, where people can experience a rejuvenating afternoon enjoying the cold streams of the Fansipan. The tranquil Sa Pa Lake can also be seen from the rooftop swimming pool of the lodge.

Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp and Resort

Situated in Chiang Rai, Thailand is the Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp and Resort. It is highly recommended to have a three-in-one experience in this resort. The infinity rooftop pool situated at the Mekong Valley not only provides hilltop scenery, but it also overlooks the lush forests of Laos and Myanmar. Plunge in after a hot day of trekking or simply hang out on top of one of the world's most impressive cultural reserves.

Sri Panwa Phuket Luxury Pool Villa Hotel

If you love hotels with a rooftop pool but also appreciate your privacy, then your vacation at the Sri Panwa Phuket Luxury Pool Villa Hotel in Phuket, Thailand, will be incredibly impressive. Each unit at this seaside resort is furnished with its own rooftop infinity pool. This makes it easier for you to drink cocktails while enjoying the majestic sights of the Andaman Sea from your private viewing deck. The hotel also features one of the world’s most magnificent rooftop bars.

Intercontinental Hong Kong

Intercontinental Hong Kong is renowned for raising the bar in terms of memorable rooftop pool experiences. Soak your troubles away in warm, cold, and hot rooftop infinity pools, all of which appear to flow effortlessly into the Victoria Harbor. This is where you can experience the Symphony of Lights, considered to be the world’s most prominent light and sound show. Select a front-row seat for an everlasting panoramic view of Hong Kong at Victoria Peak.

As a majestic architectural landmark, these rooftop pools will undoubtedly mesmerize you when you visit them. Indeed, it’s worth making the trip to these spectacular Asian destinations not only for the food and the culture, but for the mesmerizing poolside experiences as well.