Active vs. Passive Holidays: What to Choose?

Published: January 28, 2019

Many people divide humans on this planet into tall or short, fat or skinny, fast or slow, etc. We will not discuss here on how tolerate is that, however, there is a special type of distinction that has to be made that is absolutely trivial for the travelers in this world – the active and the passive vacationers.

What does this mean? There are many people in this world who prefer passive holidays, where they can watch the blue sea, chill out to the sound of the waves, sit under the shadows and drink a nice cocktail. On the other end of the spectrum, there are people who love travelling but hate routine, thus they like to visit new places, meet new people and have a highly adventurous holiday.

What about you? Are you a passive or an active traveler? If you are struggling to answer, we will definitely help you decide. Before going on a vacation, we highly recommend that you always visit and contact any travel agency through a free travel agent website to cover all the details about your future traveling.

Nevertheless, let’s get into active vs. passive holidays.

Passive holidays

During passive holidays, you can rest more, have more time to spend with your family and friends, and there is not much else to do except sleep and relax. You can have a nice family breakfast, spend the day on the beach in a chill and quiet atmosphere, and watch movies with your significant other in the evening… These holidays will give you the feeling of being rested and full of energy afterwards, since they do not consume your vitality and they are extremely lazy ways of spending your days.

Here are some ways that will help you understand passive holidays better:

o Passive travelling is like watching a program on TV, it’s a monologue and you are only receiving the message, without being able to participate in return

o Passive travelling is like visiting museums, strolling through gardens and observing people from a café.

o On passive holidays for lunch, you go to a food outlet with a familiar name, familiar people and order familiar food.

o At night, you rest your head on soft and fluffy pillows of the hotel room, having everything you need at your disposal. A truly comforting evening.

o When returning from passive holidays, you take souvenirs from home as a memento of your travels.

If you have extremely stressful work that literally exhausts you, passive holidays may be the best option. You will have an opportunity to refuel your energy level, give your body proper rest and finally spend time with your family the way you want it without stressing out because of any working obligations.

Active holidays

During active holidays, you go to many new places and try a multitude of different things. These are the types of holidays that will fill you up with positive energy and will give you a feeling like you can rock the world afterwards. It’s true that they are more tiring, and you usually do not have a lot of time to rest.

For some people, a vacation is a strenuous type of self-improvement, including long-distance cruises, mountain climbing, listening to highly energetic music or even camping.

Here are some ways to help you better understand active holidays:

o Active travelling is like directing and producing a television program. It’s not a monologue and everyone is involved in its creation, and you do something that reciprocates.

o You visit people’s homes, maybe do gardening as a volunteer, and have active conversations with many strangers who would later become your friends from all around the world.

o For lunch, you go to a local food outlet where the menu is anything but familiar, and you try to order your food with at least some words in the local language.

o At night, you fall asleep like a baby since you are tired from your 16-hour-long trips around the city you are in.

o You take home experiences, friends for life and many memories of your travels.

So, if we can draw a conclusion, which one is better, passive or active holidays? It truly depends on the type of person you are. Choosing your type of vacation should depend on what you enjoy the most, what makes you feel happy and fulfilled.

If you and your travel buddy have different preferences, make sure to find your mutual ground and enjoy each other’s way. Always remember that the happiness you receive from your holidays always depends on you. The journey is not as important, as it is to be a good traveler.