London Food Tour: 8 Places for a Student’s Budget

All you need to know.

February, 2023

Traveling doesn’t have to be super expensive. Even students with a very limited budget can enjoy themselves in every city that they visit. Of course, you can’t compare the average cost of living with a tourist visit for a couple of weeks, but usually, you can get a pretty good idea about how much the trip would cost you from average prices in the local restaurants.

There is a whole branch of tourism that focuses specifically on the food part of your journey. It is a great way of getting to know the culture and the cuisine, as well as the local people, while you interact with them in cafes and restaurants. And surely, the biggest cities on the planet offer the most vibrant food tours that you can imagine. London might be on top of this list!

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So, are you ready to open the world of London cuisine for yourself? Here are 8 places for a student’s budget!

Ping Pong

- cuisine: Chinese, dim sum

- location: all over the city

This is one of those restaurants that you want to visit every weekend. Sure, it might be focused a little too much on the touristy side of the menu instead of preserving true authenticity, but it’s very good nonetheless. The prices are more than friendly, and you can find a convenient location that is closest to you. You will definitely enjoy delicious bao buns, dumplings, and gyoza.

Camden Market

- cuisine: varies

- location: Camden Town

This is a perfect destination for those who don’t know what they want to eat, so they wander around looking for something that will catch their eye. Camden Market is a whole district that has very different restaurants, from typical English cuisine to an exotic Indonesian café. Students will definitely find something in their price range, so order essay and go for an adventure here!

Norman’s Café

- cuisine: traditional English

- location: Archway

Norman’s Café is a great place for those students who are looking for something authentic from their trip to London. You might be surprised by how plain some of the food looks, but that just adds to the experience. It’s delicious, especially with a hot mug of tea. So, look for the best essay writing services reviews for your assignments and dig in! It’s very cheap for your budget too.

Southampton Arms

- cuisine: English

- location: Hilldrop Estate

In case you are looking for a traditional English pub, this is the place to experience that side of London cuisine. Who says that you can’t enjoy the local food in the pub? Of course, beer and other alcohol are the main stars of the menu, but you can get some snacks and traditional dishes here as well. In reality, you should come here at least for an authentic atmosphere!

Mr Bao

- cuisine: Asian-inspired, Taiwanese

- location: Peckham

This is one of those authentic places with Asian food that will leave your mouth burning and you wanting to come back for more. The owners of Mr Bao say that they serve the fluffiest buns in London, so you might as well check it for yourself. It’s pretty cheap compared to other places with similar menus, so you would definitely have some money left for an essay writing service.

Andu Café

- cuisine: Ethiopian

- location: Dalston

In case you like to try different exotic foods everywhere you go, try Andu Café! This is a nice place with Ethiopian food that is adjusted to the tastes of tourists. You can eat there and then take some home with you while you look for the best paper writing services online. Even though this is a popular establishment, the prices are very student-friendly, and the plates are enormous!


- cuisine: Latin American barbecue

- location: Soho

You need to try out this place if you like interesting fast food. It’s greasy, delicious, and juicy, which is perfect for a night out in London! This is also a very popular place among young people because the owners grant a 20% discount for those who can show their student cards. So, you better take your friends on tour here, because the servings are pretty big!

Flat Iron

- cuisine: steakhouse

- location: all over London

This is heaven for those students who enjoy meat and steaks in particular. There is nothing much on the menu in terms of variety. On the other hand, everything that the restaurant does offer here is definitely the best. Hire an essay writer for your assignments and give this place a visit. You can get complimentary popcorn while you wait for your seat and delicious ice cream for dessert.


So there you have it, 8 places for a student’s budget! Traveling doesn’t have to be very expensive, even when you go to one of the most expensive cities in Europe. You just need to know where to go! And this London food tour can save you some money and guide you through some delicious places as well, so your vacation will be unforgettable.