Two of Barcelona's best roof terraces

Published: August 1, 2016
Rooftop bar Majestic in Barcelona
Magical view over Barcelona.

The roof terrace at the Majestic Hotel in Barcelona:

Majestic's roof was one of the rooftops we looked most forward to visiting during our visit to Barcelona and the search for the best Barcelona rooftop bars. So first evening I went there to take a look.

When I steped out of the elevator I was greeted immediately by friendly and attentive staff. I introduced myself and told them that I am one of the founders of The Rooftop Guide, which made the staff very curious and alert. The bar staff showed me straight to a table with fantastic views over Barcelona in almost all directions.

Rooftop bar Majestic in Barcelona
Aperol Spritz.
Rooftop bar Majestic in Barcelona
Nice view over the rooftops and the ocean.

When I sat down I received the drink list and some snacks almost immediately. My choice - as so many times before – fell on the classic Aperol Spritz. One of the best things about the bars in Spain is that the drinks are almost always served in mega-sized cups, which they also made this time to my delight.

The aperol tasted lovely and the view of the city and the sea was absolutely stunning. One of those lovely views that you can just sit and watch without having to say anything for several minutes.

Rooftop bar Majestic in Barcelona
Drinks with a view.
Rooftop bar Majestic in Barcelona
Mighty roof terrace.

After a while the bar manager sat down at my table to talk about their rooftop bar and ask a lot of questions about The Rooftop Guide, our job and how we help both rooftop bars and visitors. We had a long and good conversation about most aspects of roof terraces. The schedule that evening included one more rooftop bar, so I had to move on after one hour.

This was a wonderful rooftop moment. Besides sweeping views and good drinks there was also a swimming pool and live DJ on the roof. Here you can read more about Majestic's rooftop bar in Barcelona.

Grand Hotel Centrals roof terrace in Barcelona:

Directly after Majestic I went to - the pre - most promising rooftop across Barcelona, Grand Hotel Central. When I arrived at the hotel lobby there was only one seat left on the rooftop. Lucky me.

I was immediately shown to a couch at the top center of the terrace. What struck me when I looked at the drink menu here was that it was very reasonable prices - to be a rooftop bar. 6 euros for a beer and about 35 euros for a bottle of cava. I decided to go for the beer.

Rooftop bar Grand Hotel Central
Comfy lounge furnitures at the terrace

After a few minutes, my long-awaited beer came. It only took me a few minutes to drink that beer, so I ordered another one, while I gazed out over the city and the sea. Amazing views.

The roof terrace of the Grand Hotel Central is equipped with a fabulous infinity pool (which unfortunately only can be used by hotel guests) and the most beautiful and large sofas with tables. Perfect seating for those who like comfort.

Rooftop bar Grand Hotel Central
Nice with a glas of beer.

The atmosphere up here was really nice and harmonious. From the speakers you could hear tunes of lounge music that blended perfectly with the hum of the city and wind. Among the best things with rooftops is precisely this feeling. From the frantic urban heart rate up to a wonderfully calm atmosphere in just a minute.

Grand Hotel Central is one of the best roof terraces throughout Barcelona - and the world. Make sure to get here in time, because the rooftop often gets full pretty directly.

Rooftop bar Grand Hotel Central
Nice evening sun.
Written by:
Hans Ebenman

- Co-founder, CEO & rooftop expert at The Rooftop Guide


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