Three amazing roof terraces in Liguria, Italy!

Published: June 27, 2016

The first rooftop bar in Camogli:

2 hours’ drive south from Milan lies the cozy fishing village of Camogli. A place I and my husband ran into by chance one day six years ago. Since then there have been a couple of trips back to this amazing place.

Camogli has about 5000 inhabitants and consists really only of a beach, a beachwalk full of charming restaurants and a small harbor where you can sit down on a humble bar for something refreshing and look at the fishing boats coming in with the day's catch.

In Camogli you’ll find Cenobio Dei Dogi. This hotel, located at the end of the promenade is one of the reasons that we choose to return to this coastal town. The hotel lunch restaurant and pool area is incredibly beautiful. The view, the food, the pool area and the staff is a magic combo.

Everything that’s served is enchanting good. Pasta and ice cold prosecco, then Campari and fresh squeezed juice with ice cubes that sound like music to the glass. All this with views of the Mediterranean and with the Camogli skyline bathed in the afternoon sun, making the Dogi Cenobio a great hideaway that is worth a detour if you pass through Liguria.

Roof terrace in Camogli
The terrace at Cenobio de Dogi.
Roof terrace in Camogli
Nice and cold drinks at the terrace.
Roof terrace in Camogli
Lovely view over the ocean.

The rooftop bar La Terrazza at Hotel Splendido in Portofino:

Day two in Liguria we headed to Portofino. Portofino is the Italian Saint Tropez, though on a smaller scale. The yachts are present and the price point is significantly higher here than in other places in Italy.

The reason for the move from Camogli to Portofino is tonight's dinner at La Terrazza. La Terrazza is the Hotel Splendidos well-known restaurant with views over the Portofino Bay. While rinks are phenomenally good, and just as expensive. You get what you pay for, view, service and entertainment are at high level, the people are beautiful and the evening is hot.

The drinks taste extra good during these circumstances, especially when it costs 26 € and up.

Roof terrace in Portofino
Fantastic terrace in Portofino.
Roof terrace in Portofino
Nice hang out.
Roof terrace in Portofino
Me drinking the deliciuos Gin & Tonic.

The rooftop bar Al Faro di Portofino Lounge bar in Portofino:

There are more treasures in Portofino. After our lunch and before dinner at La Terrazza, we decided to take a walk out on the peninsula in the greenery along the harbor. It's a pretty strenuous walk out on the island with steep paths up the mountain. In what may seem like an eternity on the tangled roads in the sweltering heat, we finally arrived to the other side of the island.

This side is more barren and faces west toward the Mediterranean. Al Faro di Portofino Lounge bar is one of the most beautiful places I have visited. Maybe it's the long trek and the heat, but the Gin & Tonic we got from Antonio in the bar are among the tastiest I've been drinking.

This bar located on a cliff about 30 meters above sea level is very small, with room for about 15-20 seated guests. Antonio greets everyone warmly welcomed with a big smile and the festive atmosphere is perfect. Our drinks "only" cost € 12 each made the experience even more wonderful.

There is something special about find a hidden gem like this, where the bar and view is absolutely amazing. A clear recommendation for those visiting Portofino, take the walk out on the peninsula at Al Faro di Portofino - bar closes when the sun goes down.

Takterrassen i Portofino
Magical views over the ocean.
Takterrassen i Portofino
Chilled atmosphere at the terrace.

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Written by:
Jessica Lasses, for The Rooftop Guide


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