Review:Rossio Gastrobar - "New and beautiful terrace serving some of the best cocktails we've ever had"

Published: September 2, 2019

New for 2019, the Rossio Gastrobar is an absolutely amazing rooftop cocktail bar. Both in looks, as well as in tastes.

Rossio Gastrobar Lisbon

Although a rooftop venue on top of the 5-star Altis Avenida Hotel is not a new thing, the experience sure is. Up here you used to find the Rossio Restaurant, but since 2019 the rooftop is instead home of the Rossio Gastrobar.

Located in the heart of Lisbon, just steps away from the Rossio Station, this is really a prime spot on a prime location. We visited the rooftop bar an early Saturday evening in August, and below is our full review.


Setting and Atmosphere

The change from Rossio Restaurant to Rossio Gastrobar also meant a change in side up on the rooftop terrace. To the better if you ask us, as the views presented now are fantastic panoramas over the central parts of Lisbon and down towards Tagus River.

Competing in beauty with the views is the fantastic decoration of the terrace. A smaller inside lounge leads out to a spacious open air terrace with a beautiful Art Deco-inspired decor.

Stylish, trendy and comfy at the same time, there is a mix of large lounge sofas, lounge chairs and front-row bar tables. There is also an attention to the smaller details, like brackets on the tables where you can attach plates of food. Smart and efficient.

Rossio Gastrobar Lisbon
Rossio Gastrobar Lisbon
Rossio Gastrobar Lisbon

When we arrived at around 6pm the terrace was quite empty, probably a lot because the sun was still keeping temperatures on the hotter side. But it gradually filled up, and at 7.30pm, pretty much all seats were taken.

The atmosphere at Rossio Gastrobar is sophisticated yet relaxed. It looks and feels very much like an upscale cocktail bar (and it is), but at the same time there is a great, open and friendly vibe.

Sure, the prices are a bit higher than most other rooftops in the city, but the device “you get what you pay for” really fits 100% up here (more about that below).

The service goes hand in hand with the atmosphere: it is very professional and knowledgeable, but at the same time super friendly. The crew behind the bar felt like old time friends after just a minute, and everyone working made us feel very welcome.

Rossio Gastrobar Lisbon
Rossio Gastrobar Lisbon
Rossio Gastrobar Lisbon
360-view of the terrace

Drinks and Food

If you want to mix fantastic views with some truly unique and exciting cocktails, Rossio Gastrobar is the place to go. We got to try some of the very best cocktails we’ve ever had.

The cocktail menu changes by the season and all the ingredients are made in-house. Named after the one dominant feature in the drink, we tried ‘Ginger’ (Jack Daniel’s, Rum, Ginger, beer & salted coffee), ‘Basil’ (Basil flavoured Tequila, St Germain, Luxardo, Green Chartreuse), ‘Vanilla’ (Vodka, ginger, vanilla syrup, lime juice), ‘Peach’ (Brandy, Calvados, sparkling peach, chocolate), ‘Raspberry’ (Tequila, raspberry syrup, beer) and ‘Lemon’ (Pisco, lemon juice, egg white, Chuncho Bitters).

All cocktails were crafted to perfection, very fresh and tasted amazing. Maybe (just maybe), the ‘Ginger’ and the ‘Vanilla’ were slight favourites, but it is really just about what tastes you prefer.

Not only great in taste, the cocktails were also beautiful to look at and presented with a thought. Like the ‘Ginger’, made with both whiskey and beer, and therefore served with a side of popped quinoa to emulate the feeling of: “chill out after a long day with a beer / whiskey and some popcorn”.

Rossio Gastrobar Lisbon
Rossio Gastrobar Lisbon
Rossio Gastrobar Lisbon
Rossio Gastrobar Lisbon
Rossio Gastrobar Lisbon
Rossio Gastrobar Lisbon
Rossio Gastrobar Lisbon

Fantastic cocktails is not all that is served up here, we also tried some bites created by Michelin star Chef João Rodrigues. And just as with the drinks, they were very well made, tasty and beautiful in presentation.

2Some bites2 might be an understatement, we actually tried quite a few. The favourites among favourites were the 'Oxtail croquetes' (with homemade mustard), 'Fake foie-gras cherries' (served wit toasted brioche), 'Katsosando of acorn-fed pork' (and pickled onions). And the very fresh dessert, some sort of raspberry ice cream / sorbet (forgot the name among all the bites).

All was super tasty, and we left Rossio both fuller and happier.

Rossio Gastrobar Lisbon
Oxtail croquetes & Fake foie-gras cherries
Rossio Gastrobar Lisbon
Katsosando of acorn-fed pork
Rossio Gastrobar Lisbon
Rossio Gastrobar Lisbon
Shrimp Crisp


Rossio Gastrobar offers pretty much all you can ask from a Lisbon rooftop bar. Great panoramic views, beautiful setting, amazing and unique cocktails, tasty bites and a lovely atmosphere.

As it is located right in the heart of town, it is close to mandatory to drop by for at least one cocktails when in Lisbon. It is highly recommended!

Address: Altis Avenida Hotel, 120 Rua 1º Dezembro, Lisbon

• Amazing & unique cocktails

• Panoramic Lisbon views

• Lovely atmosphere

• Great & friendly service

• Beautiful decoration

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Rossio Gastrobar Lisbon


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