Review:Limão Rooftop Bar - "Intimate and charming, with amazing front-row views over Lisbon"

Published: August 31, 2019

Lovely and intimate rooftop bar, just about as romantic as a Lisbon rooftop gets.

Limão Rooftop Bar Lisbon

Limão Rooftop Bar is set on the 10th floor of the fantastic boutique hotel H10 Duque de Louléis. Location is a little bit ‘above’ the most central part of Lisbon, close to the famous Eduardo VII Park.

Check out our review of a full and clear blue sky evening at the rooftop terrace. Spoiler: it was an über relaxing evening in a lovely and intimate atmosphere, filled with great views and tasty tapas.


Setting and Atmosphere

While Limão Rooftop Bar opens already around noon, we wanted to experience the great mix of daylight, sunset and night. So table was reserved at 7pm (the August sunset in Lisbon is around 8.30pm).

Stepping out on the terrace you are struck by two things: the beautiful decoration, with blue-white tiled floors and matching lounge chairs. And the amazing Lisbon views. This is really a front-row spot for panoramic vistas over the Portugal capital.

Not very large, but the Limão terrace sure is lovely. There are some larger lounge sofas in the back end of the terrace and at the smaller inside part. But most seats (and the best seats) are two-by-two lounge chairs facing the views.

Limão Rooftop Bar Lisbon
Limão Rooftop Bar Lisbon
Limão Rooftop Bar Lisbon

Really a perfect setup for some quality time with your better half / best friend. Looking out over the terrace is almost like looking at an outdoor movie theatre, with people sitting in pairs next to each other. With the difference that instead of watching a film, everybody is watching the fantastic view. And no one hush you to be quiet.

Instead there is a mix of murmur and soft lounge music, later at night also replaced by some live entertainment from a man with guitar and a woman singing. Really nice.

Relaxing and intimate in vibe, this is a terrace to just sit for hours and enjoy. The small and charming rooftop bar in the back is not really made for 'bar-hangout'. You find your spot on the terrace, sit back, relax and enjoy the table service.

Limão Rooftop Bar Lisbon
Limão Rooftop Bar Lisbon
Limão Rooftop Bar Lisbon
Limão Rooftop Bar Lisbon

Drinks and Food

The drink menu at Limão Rooftop Bar is quite regular. There are classic cocktails and a large selection of Gin & Tonics, but no unique creations. We tried one Mojito and one G&T, well made and refreshing in the warm weather.

We also tried a nice bottle of local red wine. And if red is not your favourite, the rooftop bar also offers rosé, white and green. Green wine (or Vinho verde) is a young and light wine from Portugal.

If the drinks were regular, the food was much more exciting. Two large plates of fantastic tapas, including cheese, cold cuts, raw fish, different croquettes, dips and jam.

All of the food was very tasty, fresh and well made. And also perfect to share and perfect for the setting. Try one small bite, sit back, relax, try one small bite, sit back, get the picture.

Limão Rooftop Bar Lisbon
Limão Rooftop Bar Lisbon
Limão Rooftop Bar Lisbon
Limão Rooftop Bar Lisbon


The intimate, beautiful and charming Limão Rooftop Bar is really a perfect spot for an afternoon / night out with a loved one. Sure, it works well for relaxing drinks with a smaller group of friends also, but it is just perfect for a twosome.

Enjoy amazing panoramic and front-row views over pretty much all of Lisbon, along with very tasty tapas and a wonderful and relaxing atmosphere.

Address: Avenida Duque de Loulé 81-83 Lisboa

• Intimate terrace

• Panoramic Lisbon views

• Relaxing atmosphere

• Romantic

• Live music

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