Full day at Marseilles best rooftop bar at Hotel Sofitel Marseille Vieux Port

Published: July 24, 2016
Roof terrace at Sofitel Marseille
View from the terrace at Sofitel Marseille.

The rooftop bar at Hotel Sofitel Marseille Vieux Port in Marseille:

Then we decided the date for taking us to Marseille very late, our good friend and frequent rooftop visitor Krister Muppetto stepped in and helped us with the hotel reservation when our internet connection was poor and sometimes non-existent. We had also been in touch with Sarah, who is responsible for Sofitel Marseille social media.

During check in, it turned out that we had been upgraded to a really nice room, with amazing view over the harbor. We threw the bags in the room and went straight down to the pool to cool us of.

Roof terrace at Sofitel Marseille
Nice view from the swimming pool.

Here we hung out for an hour before it was time for lunch at one of the hotel's rooftop terraces. I ordered the day's pasta, which was penne with tomato sauce and Ida took the burger. As usual, we shared everything. The burger was really nice while the pasta was OK, but not more.

After dinner we met Jade Girard, the Guest Relation Manager at Sofitel. A super nice and funny girl. She told us about things in both Marseille and our next destinations. And presented the hotel and its facilities in a really good way.

Jade is really such a person every hotel should have. We felt very cared of and welcomed for her reception.

Roof terrace at Sofitel Marseille
View during the lunch.
Roof terrace at Sofitel Marseille
Ida happy with the burger.
Roof terrace at Sofitel Marseille
View over the sea and castle.

After some more chill out at the pool, it was time for some drinks up on the highest terrace. Once up, we were met by the magical views of the port of Marseille, the city and the sea. Absolutely amazing and I find it difficult to imagine that there is a much better view than this among rooftop bars in Marseille.

We ordered two drinks that sounded good on the menu. A Champagne drink and a one that was a little more bitter in the flavor (unfortunately forgot the name of it now). Both were very good and there were served with some of the best olives we've ever tasted.

Roof terrace at Sofitel Marseille
The roof terrace with views over the harbor.
Roof terrace at Sofitel Marseille
Champagne cocktail.
Roof terrace at Sofitel Marseille
The other more bitter cocktail.

After the drinks, it was time for dinner in the harbor. We ended up at a really good fish restaurant called Le Miramar. Quite worn out after a full day of traveling etc. it was bedtime early. We also wanted to be fit for the next day when we knew that the hotel's breakfast on the roof terrace would be something extraordinary.

The alarm rang already at 7:00 AM when we also needed to book new hotel for the evening in the cozy port town of Sete. Right after we fixed it, we headed up to the terrace to enjoy the amazing breakfast. It was just as good as we heard it would be. It really had everything one can ask for. And everything was super fresh and well prepared.

Among the best hotel breakfast I have eaten. The view helped a lot too. Because it was very windy we ate the breakfast indoors in the sky bar and finished with a little fruit and freshly squeezed orange juice on the terrace. Fantastic start of the day!

Roof terrace at Sofitel Marseille
New booking of the hotel in Sete.
Roof terrace at Sofitel Marseille
Breakfast view from the Skybar.
Roof terrace at Sofitel Marseille
Fruit and juice at the rooftop.

Marseille was one of the highlights of the trip so far and we can really recommend this hotel to anyone who is going to Marseille. Marie-Cecile and Jade gave us fantastic service and both were super nice and helpful during our whole stay here.

Written by:
Hans Ebenman

- Co-founder, CEO & rooftop expert at The Rooftop Guide


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