Football matches on roof terraces in Nice and Cannes!

Le Meridien and Five Seas Hotel

Published: July 11, 2016

The rooftop terrace at Le Meridien in Nice

A classic rooftop bar in Nice. Situated right on the Promenade des Anglais, close to the beach, downtown, old town and EURO 2016 Fanzone. The weather this evening was sunny and very warm.

We managed – luckily - to get hold of a nice spot at the edge of the terrace where the wind cooled us of very nice. The views from here are among the best you can get in Nice. Sweeping views across the beach, the sea and the surrounding mountains.

View from Le Meridien in Nice
View towards the beach, the ocean and the mountains
Nice spot at Le Meridien in Nice
Really nice spot!

I ordered (as usual) an Aperol Spritz while Ida choosed a Gin&Tonic. The drinks were yummie. And despite the somewhat plastic sofas, we still sat very comfortably here.

The roof terrace is also equipped with a swimming pool which is only accessible to the hotel guests. We sticked to our place in the couch where we sat as kings.

The clock turned 8:15 PM and it was time to go to our hotel where the showed the football game between France - Germany downstairs in the hotel reception. France won and it was full on party in Nice throughout the evening and night.

Aperol Spritz at Le Meridien in Nice
The now classic Aperol Spritz :)
Comfy sofa at Le Meridien in Nice
Really enjoying our selves!

The rooftop terrace at Hotel Five Seas in Cannes

This rooftop bar in Cannes is located a little more inside the city center, in contrast to many of the other which are right next to the beach. Before arrival we had contact with Julie who promised to welcome us each with a drink.

The roof terrace was very nicely decorated with a luxurious swimming pool and with both bar and dining areas. It was pretty clear that everything was done with good service and quality here. The drinks (Red Ginger Fizz and Ginger Mojito) were fantastic and even the snacks tasted very good.

Drinks at Five Seas in Cannes
Red Ginger Fizz and Ginger Mojito
Sunny spot at Five Seas in Cannes
Great spot in the sun
The rooftop pool at Five Seas in Cannes
The luxurious rooftop pool at the terrace
Part of the view from Five Seas in Cannes
Part of the view, more city and less beach

After drinks, we went down to town and had a really juicy burger quickly before we went up on the terrace again to see the European Cup final between France and Portugal. I was probably the only one in Cannes that was cheering for Portugal. To the game we shared a bottle of rosé and some snacks.

Unfortunately, the broadcast on this TV was a few seconds behind the broadcast signal, which meant that as soon there was a dangerous scoring chance we could hear it before we saw it. There was a murmur throughout the city. Really cool, but sadly for us we knew what was going happen a couple of seconds before it happened.

EURO-final at Five Seas in Cannes
Begining of the EURO-final
The end of the EURO-final at Five Seas in Cannes
The end. Good night France

The bar staff were painted with the French flag on their cheeks and all the honking from cars and scooters echoed in the city. Unfortunately for the French, Portugal won with 1-0 and the pre lovely party atmosphere died down pretty quickly. I kept quite a low profile, but well back in the hotel room, I pulled of a huge victory roar.

Written by:
Hans Ebenman

- Co-founder, CEO & rooftop expert at The Rooftop Guide


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