Drinks and food at one of the best rooftop bars in Shanghai - VUE BAR

Published: October 9, 2017

Chinese national day and one of the mightiest skyline views of all time:

VUE Bar Shanghai

It's China's national day, October 1, and it's crowding with people at the People's Square in Shanghai. The darkness has just settled and the giant skyscrapers have been lit for everyone's view. We sit in the taxi that take us to our destination Vue Bar at The Hyatt on the Bund.

A place among the best Shanghai rooftop bars famous for its magical views of Shanghai’s skyline. Because of the crowd there where many police officers out there and for some reason they have shut down some of the streets.

Our taxi driver screams in Chinese and is increasingly annoyed that he is not moving forward. We try to communicate and ask if it is because he can’t stop the car at the destination or if he simply can’t find. Unfortunately, like many other Chinese, he can’t speak English and does not understand a word we say.

After driving in the same circle for the second time, we decide to leave the taxi, pay and try to find on our own. We start walking in the direction of the taxi and decide to ask a police officer about the road. The first police do not understand, but the other speaks really good English and explains the way for us.

We realize that we have about a quarter to go, but in comparison to sitting still in our taxi, this feels like a good choice. On the way to Vue Bar, we pass thousands of people who have gone out to celebrate the national day. It's not easy to get out of the crowd but finally we arrive at the Hyatt on the Bund.

The building is a large hotel complex with a giant entrance hall. We ask for help to find out which of the lifts will take us up to Vue Bar.

Once in the hallway, we are welcomed and informed that our friends and the rest of the company are already in place. We first walk through the level where the VUE Restaurant is located.

It is a classic European restaurant where they have managed to create an elegant home feeling. The decor has an eclectic style with transitions from hanging shelves with culinary small ornaments to bookshelves and sofas, along with collections of model cars, tubes, bottles and old cork screws. With the traditional continental kitchen, this is not just a place to hang out privately, but an ideal place for business and champagne brunches (offered on Sundays).

Examples of food on the menu are "on-minute" - signature dishes such as Caesar Salad, Lobster Bisque, Beef Tartar and Crepe Suzette.

VUE Bar Shanghai

After passing through the restaurant, we walk up to the famous rooftop Vue Bar. There is an outdoor seating to some extent, although most of the room is under roof.

It's quite a small place with many small cozy tables and low sofas placed in a circle that surrounds a smaller jacuzzi in the middle. It is quite dark in the room, and this is probably because you will better see the light from all the skyscrapers outside. We greet our friends who managed better than us to get through the traffic outside and fortunately be placed with the best view at Vue Bar.

The amazing view offers a magnificent skyline on the other side of Huangpu River and on the opposite direction we could see the older parts of the city.

VUE Bar Shanghai
VUE Bar Shanghai

I sat down with the bar manager at Vue Bar called Philipp. A nice man who welcomes me and gladly answers my questions. He tells me about the different evenings arranged at the roof bar, opening hours and some facts, including that we are on floor 33, in the western tower of the hotel.

I ask if there are many who usually bathe in the Jacuzzi and he starts laughing a bit for himself. - "It happens, but when it happens, only westerners do it. The Chinese themselves dare to just dip their feet."

VUE Bar Shanghai

After a while, I thank for the chat and return to my company. We have ordered a giant fruit plate surrounded by some delicious cocktails. We have also had some good mini hamburgers that suited perfect to the cocktails.

We sit for a long time enjoying the wonderful views and our good drinks. It is almost hypnotic to look at the light installations on the giant skyscrapers. After a few hours, we will thank for us and head out in Shanghai at night.

We highly recommend Vue Bar on the Bund and look forward to the next visit.

Written by:
Andreas Johansson, for The Rooftop Guide


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