Day 4 reviewing rooftop bars in New York!

Published: May 15, 2016

Brunch at the rooftop bar 230 Fifth in New York :

Here we had maintained a good contact with the Bar Manager Jason Buffer who booked a table with awesome views on the highest terrace for us. The clock had just struck 12 PM and we were really craving for brunch. The views that meet us when we came up on the terrace was outstanding

An almost 360-degree view over Manhattan with the Empire State Building as a powerful background just nearby. The luck with nice weather was still with us. Clear blue skies as far as the eye could see.

230 Fifth rooftop bar
230 Fifth rooftop bar with view over Empire State Building
230 Fifth rooftop bar
230 Fifth rooftop bar

The brunch consisted of a buffet with everything an American breakfast means. Pancakes, eggs, bacon, salad, sausages and so on. And to drink we had some juice to start with and Bloody Mary at the end.

The food was perfectly OK and the drinks equally so. The was still the view and the quick service. The king Bernie took care of us really well and showed what fast and friendly service is all about.

230 Fifth rooftop bar
Buffé with a view!
230 Fifth rooftop bar
The king, Bernie!

After brunch, we decided to just chill out in Central Park all afternoon. We found some great tips on things to do in New York City from this guide. After all the rooftoping we needed some rest, which we got in the park.

We sat down in the grass and watched live baseball for several hours. Total relaxation and we both fell asleep for half an hour. Now we were ready for the last rooftop of this trip.

Central Park
Some well needed rest on the ground...

The last rooftop bar The Presslounge rooftop bar in New York:

The last rooftop bar of this trip would also prove to be the coolest of them all. Ida, who by now had become really good to find the best seatings on each terrace solved the task with ease this time also. A large lounge sofa with the best view.

We ordered a glass of prosecco each and a little snack. The time had reached 7 PM and we managed to time in the evening sun perfectly.

The Presslounge rooftop bar
Amazing view from The Presslounge rooftop bar.
The Presslounge rooftop bar
Ida got hold of a really comfy lounge sofa.

The terrace was packed with party and drink-loving people who had gathered to enjoy the day's last sunshine. Here we sat for about 2 hours and just enjoyed the amazing skyline views to the east and the Hudson River to the west.

The Presslounge rooftop bar
Evening sun on The Presslounge rooftop bar.

It was all from New York for this time. We will definitely be back in the Big Apple in the near future again.


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