Best sky bars and sky lounges in New York!

Read below for general info and the best among sky bars and sky lounges in New York:

Sky lounge and Skybar in New York

New York is one of the world's top cities in terms of sky bars and sky lounges. The high rise buildings, the wild night life, the bar and restaurant culture and the views are a few major contributing reasons for this. In NYC you can find some of the coolest sky lounges with absolutely stunning views over the Manhattan skyline, the Hudson River, New Jersey, Central Park, Times Square and much more. And here you can find a complete guide about Upper West Side and the best places in that area. Here are some of the best from the sky bars and sky lounges in NYC.

Sky lounge New York: St Clouds

A sophisticated and luxurious sky lounge in the middle of Times Square. The terrace is located at The Knickerbocker. Once up on the roof you will find a large and spacious roof terrace with a lot of big sofas to sit down at. Although the location is very central and in the middle of the largest crowds in New York, you get a nice, harmonious tranquility atop of St Clouds sky lounge.

Sky lounge and Skybar in New York
St Clouds

Sky bar New York Gansevoort Meatpacking

If you like party and great nightlife this is a perfect sky bar in NYC. The sky bar has a long bar and also a large dance floor with lots of drink tables and sofas. Gansevoort Meat Packings sky bar is also equipped with two beautiful roof terraces. One of the terraces overlooking the Hudson River and New Jersey, while the other has sweeping views towards downtown and beyond the skyscrapers.

Sky lounge and Skybar in New York
Gansevoort Meatpacking

Sky lounge New York: The Sky Terrace at the Hudson Hotel

One of the most exclusive sky lounges in New York. It’s only hotel guests and specially invited guests take can take advantage of the terrace. From the roof terrace you get a completely magical views of Central Park and the Manhattan skyline. The terrace has a pretty simple with luxurious interiors with stylish tables and chairs.

Sky lounge and Skybar in New York
The Sky Terrace at the Hudson Hotel

Sky bar New York: Le Bain at The Standard

One of the hippest and most popular places among sky bars in NYC. Trendy persons and party people comes here to enjoy good drinks, beautiful views and party with likeminded people. A sky bar in New York that almost always is crowded with people. Make sure to be there in time to get a good spot on the roof terrace or in the sky bar.

Sky lounge and Skybar in New York
Le Bain at The Standard

Sky lounge New York: Jimmy at The James Hotel

A sky lounge in NYC that attracts both younger and older people. On the roof terrace you’ll find comfortable seats and a swimming pool. The view from the terrace is almost 360 degrees with views of both Wall Street, the Hudson River and the skyscrapers up at Times Square. From the sky bar you can order drinks, beer and wine of high quality.

Sky lounge and Skybar in New York
Jimmy at The James Hotel

Sky bar New York: The Press Lounge

One of the absolute best places to visit if you like sky bars in NYC. Both the roof terrace and the sky bar are of the highest class. Besides the amazing skyline views, you get fantastic quality of food and drinks, as well as a lovely party atmosphere from the terrace and sky bar. If you manage to time a sunset, one is guaranteed a beautiful view of the Hudson River.

Takterrass och Skybar i New York
The Press Lounge

These are only some of the best among the sky lounges and sky bars in New York. The city has a lot of rooftops. On this site, you will find the best rooftop bars in New York.

// Hans, The Rooftop Guide

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