Afternoon turns into evening at the amazing rooftop bar Wooloomooloo in HK

Published: October 30, 2016

With rain clouds that chose the right side of the city and a magical view of virtually everything that Hong Kong has to offer, our visit on the Wooloomooloo rooftop bar was a given success!

Rooftop bar Wooloomooloo i Hong Kong

In the morning we had taken the Dragons Back trail in about 99% humidity, so we were more than worth something cool to drink and rest our legs a little. Said and done, at 3PM we took a taxi to Wan Chai and The Hennessy building where the rooftop bar Wooloomooloo is located.

Wooloomooloo is a steakhouse that has numerous locations in Hong Kong (and also in Singapore) but it is only the one in The Hennessy that has a rooftop bar. Before the trip we had been in contact with the bar manager Patrischa who booked a table on the terrace for us. We were very exited as this ranks as one of the best Hong Kong rooftop bars.

Some of us took the elevator straight to the 32nd floor and the rooftop bar and some went through the steakhouse located on the floor below. We did not try the food but it clearly looked like a place where you could have a very nice dinner.

Given that it was Monday, and the rooftop bar had just opened for the day, it was not surprising that we were the first to arrive. We took a seat at the best table on the entire terrace, in the corner of the upper part. Here were a couple of seats where you got some of the last sun, otherwise the terrace is all in the shade in the afternoon. Really nice given the temperature.

Up here you get an absolutely stunning view of virtually the whole of Hong Kong in all directions. We looked straight down at Wan Chai and the rest of Hong Kong Island toward the mountains, could see over to Kowloon and the Ritz and had there been racing at Happy Valley, we would have seen which horse that won.

Rooftop bar in Hong Kong
The whole gang at Wooloomooloo

Patricha treated us with a round of drinks and on the last day (finally) we got the first Aperol Spritz. Really good quality, refreshing and very good! Heavy rain clouds was passing away on the horizon, giving an extra powerful backdrop to the city's skyline, but above us was luckily blue sky.

Rooftop bar in Hong Kong
Finally, Aperol!
Rooftop bar in Hong Kong
View over Wan Chai

We went on to order a few rounds of beer (Heineken, Asahi, Kronenbourg on tap, large and refreshing) and just enjoyed ourselves at our table, but also went around the rooftop and tried out various places to sit. On the rooftop bar is a mixture of higher bar tables and bar stools along the edge, more regular tables inside the center and lounge sofas at the back against the wall and bar.

From the speakers they played really pleasant lounge music that helped to set the mood even more. After a while it started to get dark, and the question is if Wooloomooloo might be the very best place of all to see the Hong Kong skyline light up. Really impressive! When darkness came, they also lit up a cozy lighting up on the terrace.

Rooftop bar in Hong Kong
Rooftop bar in Hong Kong
Happy Valley and heavy clouds over the mountains
Rooftop bar in Hong Kong
The Rooftop Guys and view towards Kowloon
Rooftop bar in Hong KongNice lighting and view towards the mountains

At 7PM it was sadly time for us to move on to get some food. It was hard to leave this rooftop bar, so comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, the feeling was really that we would have been able to sit and just enjoy forever. When we left the terrace had also been filled with alot of people so it was almost full.

Rooftop bar in Hong Kong

Our experience at Wooloomooloo was as said absolutely fantastic, one of the best rooftop bars we have ever visited! The only small downsides was that we could not order coffee (a little shock for a swede) and that there was no WiFi on the terrace (it is however available one floor down).


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